Do you want to create a new website that best describes your business? Or is it about redesigning your current website that does not depend on market standards? Follow this website design checklist.

Content and design are two elements that can consistently attract people to your site and keep them there. Here is a checklist for creating stellar site content and design.

#1 Information Gathering as per Client Requirement

When you write, you want it to be something that your readers will find interesting too! When planning, create content that is worth reading, as well as being SEO relevant.

Information Gathering as per Client Requirement

Avoid topics that you do or do not provide, especially relevant to your larger navigation items. Blog content can be a bit more interesting and engaging though.


  • Understand the target audience and brand, their demographics and the way you want to communicate.
  • Research the specifics and trends of the industry w.r.t. Your competitor.
  • Get quotes with your designers, copywriters, etc. for approximate design work, content / copy, domain / hosting work.
  • Collect all data; Establish your budget and send a great website design plan and get approval from the client (if working for the client).

#2 Planning and Designing Website Structure

It is all about establishing the feeling and look of your website, which needs to be unique, fashionable and modern. Mockups are the best way to test the design of a website, what design you are looking for and how it looks.

Planning and designing Website structure

You can also design more mockups and choose one of the options that describe your website and meet the goals set for your site.


  • Use visuals to attract your audience.
  • Appropriate and optimized icons, images.
  • Use colors scheme that meet your brand
  • Use appropriate cta.
  • Avoid complex navigation
  • Keyword research

Brand Guide – Your site is growing and evolving, not selling. Stick to your brand guidelines and along with developing new businesses, you will continue to attract business or attention from older site visitors and customers.

#3 Minimize Content

Do not use a lot of text but only relevant text should be added for pages. Share everything that relates to your brand.

If a page is too long, visitors may get bored and leave their site. If a page is too short, it is likely that people will not have enough context to fully understand about the page topic. Also, a small page does not help your website rank highly in Google’s search results.

Minimize content

Most pages should be between 350 and 1,000 words. If a page is longer than this, consider splitting it into several pages. If a page is smaller than this, consider combining it with another page or creating more content.


  • Use shorter sentences.
  • Divide paragraphs into sections.
  • You must use catchy headlines, expressive words and phrases.

#4 Website Design Checklist

Website Design Checklist 2021

Browser Compatibility: Your website should be compatible with different browsers (IE 7,8,9,10, Firefox, Chrome, Safari).

Accountability (device compatibility): The web page must be compatible on various devices (desktop, Tablet and mobile).

Design Strategy: Add an amazing wireframe layout to your website design strategy with page layout design guidelines:


  • Make a good balance between space, text and image.
  • Use a consistent template on every page
  • Use effective vertical and horizontal navigation for interactive user experience
  • Don’t forget to add contact details, privacy policies, quick links and copyrights to the footer of your website.
  • Always use a compatible logo and side headers.
  • Be sure to make a search tab unobtrusive and easy to use.
  • The paragraph style is working fine (headers, block quotes, lists, etc.).

Customized Script: CSS / HTML must be validated properly, attention should also be paid to the customized script on each web page.

#5 Testing Functionality

It is mandatory to test a website and fix it completely before your website goes live. The elements need to be followed, while the test phase is given below.


  • Any form that is on a website submitting data properly.
  • The current applied cialis 10 mg may be alternating current or direct current.

  • Thank You pages or thank you message display after submitting forms.
  • Check whether 404 pages and 404 redirect pages are in place.
  • Check whether the input types are correct for URL input form, phone and email.
  • Internal external and social media links working properly

#6 Implement SEO Strategy

When it comes to designing your website, you should focus on SEO. Simply adding keywords to pages is not enough. You need to focus on on-site (on-page SEO) optimization.

Implement SEO Strategy


  • Ensure that your marketing platform, e-commerce software, and/or CRM are running smoothly.
  • Do some keyword research
  • Add keywords, meta description(156 characters), SEO friendly Titles
  • Unique page title (70 characters including keyword)
  • Metadata properly placed for any social media sharing content.
  • Alt tags added for each image.
  • Spell and grammar check for metadata.
  • Check page url(try to use keyword on url).
  • Create XML sitemap.

#7 Check Page Speed

If your site takes more than three seconds to load, you lose about half of your visitors before they even get to your site.

As websites are becoming much more complex and content-heavy, it is important to ensure that your website is designed to reduce page load speed as much as possible.

Check page speed

Now that Google keeps in mind when ranking sites, your load time can also affect how easily users can find you in the first place.


  1. Configure server settings
  2. Validate CSS using this Html Validator, Validity for Chrome or CSS Validator.
  3. Validate HTML using W3C HTML Validator or the preferred one.
  4. Optimize images (Stick to JPG when possible) and video
  5. Upgrade your web hosting package
  6. Minimize HTTP requests
  7. Check that load time for each web page is optimized.
  8. Enable Gzip compression

#8 Focus on Analytics

Web analytics provides information about the number of visitors to a website and the number of page views. It helps in measuring traffic and popularity trends, which is useful for market research. So Google Analytics can help you increase your conversion rates.

google Analytics


  • Insert analytics code on your website
  • Google analytics and webmaster account properly synchronized
  • Funnels and goals properly created in Google analytics tool.
  • Use Audience Data When Creating Custom Visitor Segments
  • Track onsite Search
  • Monitor Bounce Rate

#9 Backups

It is very important to have regular backups of your website. Website backup means that you can keep an equal copy of your content and data with you. You can keep it safe. Whatever happens on your website, the data will be available to you, and you can use it later.


  • Take copy of website for backup
  • Ongoing copy of pages/website stored on a regular basis.
  • Keep password and any other credentials

Final Thoughts

It does not matter whether your website is new or old, its design matters a lot. So there are some relevant website design checklists that can follow in 2021 to make your website successful.

If you have any suggestions for a website design checklist, do share with us by commenting below.


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