Today, users have no patience for poor load speeds or insufficient performing websites. In a study, almost half of web users are expected to load the site in 2 seconds or less, if it is not loaded within 3 seconds, then users leave the site.

This means that you are not only losing your current visitors and reducing conversion rates, but also lost traffic to those customers who have referred your website to others.

These days, seconds make the difference. Now you can not allow your website to throw down the irregular images and files. Your users expect to load your web pages fast, and if they do not, they will not be around.

Here are some steps how can you check your webpage load time.

Step 1. Check the current speed of your website

Some great and free resources that can be used to evaluate the speed of the website:

  • Google’s PageSpeed Insights- Google’s PageSpeed Insights inspects the content of your website and then generates suggestions for making the page faster.
  • Pingdom – test the load time of a webpage, analyzes it and finds obstacles
  • Yahoo’s YSlow – Like  Pingdom, running YSLOW against your web pages, you will also get a score and a grade to track the effect of your performance optimization, which also recommends using techniques to increase performance.
  • GTMetrix – Gives you an insight into how well your website loads and gives you recommended recommendations on how to optimize it.

Step 2. Optimize your image size

Changing and customizing your image is the easiest way to reduce the size of your web page and increase load time. Images consume a lot of bandwidth, which in turn, influence webpage loading time.

It is not enough to change the size of your website’s images in HTML because it only changes the appearance to actual size. The external photo editor tool can be used to resize the photo such as Photoshop.

You can also use the image optimization tool, which reduces the size of images without losing quality:

  • Online image optimizer
  • JPEG and PNG Stripper
  • SuperGIF

3. Use Content Delivery Network

Using CDN (Content Delivery Network) means that your site is scattered across multiple geographical locations on multiple servers. It happens when someone requests to visit your site, then they will get the data from the nearest location. Because the servers are close to the user, so they load more quickly. Large websites perform CDNs to ensure that their visitors around the world have a faster website display.

Popular content delivery networks include:
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  • MaxCDN
  • Incapsula
  • Edgecast
  • CloudFlare
  • Amazon CloudFront

4. Avoid self hosted videos

Video files can be large in size. And uploading them to your webpage can be really lazy.

Instead, you can choose to use third party video hosting services like YouTube, Vimeo or Vista. You only have to copy a small code that they present to you and paste it into your post or webpage.

5. Use CSS sprites

A CSS Sprite is a method for filling the images within an image file by applying the CSS position of the background. This simple tool will save your server bandwidth and the speed of the webpage will increase gradually.

6. Switch off the plugins you won’t use

Using too many plugins on your site can make your web page slow down, so it is advisable to choose your plugins carefully and only apply to those that are required for your website.

Therefore it is ideal for removing or deactivating all unnecessary plugins.

7. Minify HTML, CSS and JavaScript

The Minification is about removing unnecessary characters so that page load times can be reduced.  When the code is scaled down, all uncontrolled white space characters (space, new line and tab) and comments are removed.

The tools recommend reducing your HTML, CSS and JavaScript resources:

  • Try to minimize HTML using htmlcompressor to safely reduce the size of your HTML code, and miner
  • To reduce CSS, try YUI Compressor and cssmin.js
  • To shorten JavaScript, try the Closer Compiler, JSMin as well as YUI Compressor.


Speed is an important factor in running the website, it is an important factor in conversion, customer satisfaction and search ranking. Even a second can make a big difference. Do not stay with just three minutes level, the faster you can make your site more likely, stay around your visitors.

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