SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. SEO help you to get high rank on search engine result pages (also refer as SERPs). It allow you to do all the things that can help for improving your site ranking over search engine.

SEO has two main categories:

  • Off-Page SEO
  • On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO refers to all the things that you can do to your website to rank higher, such as page title, internal linking, meta tags and details etc.

Off-Page SEO refers to all the things that you can do to help  your website directly to high rank, such as social networking, article submissions, blog marketing etc.

On-Page Search Engine Optimization

  • Page Titles with keyword

Title tag is one of the most relevant on-Page SEO factor. You should use separate and unique titles with unique keywords for individual pages and posts. Generally, the keyword tag is close to the beginning of the title, the more the weight is with the search engine.

  • Add Modifiers To Your Title

Using the modifier like “2019”, “Guide” and “SEO”, you can rank for long tail versions of your targeted keyword.

  • Meta Descriptions

In meta description you should use your relevant keywords for your post. These description also include the relevant content of your post and include force keyword, so that i will help in searching on search engine result pages.

  • Meta Tags

For each of your pages, you can include a set of keywords as a meta tag. These should be all relevant keywords for your content that you have researched earlier.

  • SEO friendly URL

Search engine friendly URLs are highly recommended for each of your pages, because they bring better crawling.

The URLs contained in targeted keywords also perform better, shorten your URL and always include your targeted keywords in your URLs.

  • Use of Heading Tags

While writing your articles, you should break your content into small sections and paragraphs so that it can be easier for people to read, this will improve the readability of your posts.

Headings can be given to these sections, where H1, H2, H3, H4, etc. are used. Include your targeted keyword at least once in the sub-heading and use it in the H2 tag.
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  • Keyword Density

It is very important to include relevant keywords in your content, because it helps in what the search engine does about your content. However, try to repeat and do not overuse keywords, it can restrict your site to search engines.

  • Responsive Design

Responsive design also play a vital role in seo. So try to make your website mobile friendly, so that user  on mobile can also visit your site, that will result in increasing site rating.

  • Dazzle with Multimedia

With the content you can use images, videos, icons etc that can reduce bounce rate and result in increasing time on site.

  • Image Optimization

Using images with your content is a great way to make your site more visually attractive. So try to use some pictures with your content, you can use these images to help improve your site SEO.

All uploaded images can have titles similar to your page title. Also use keyword in alt tag of images, so that it will help if someone search images for same keywords. Also you can use description for these images and make them more useful with seo.

  • Outbound Links

Outbound Links also help in getting more traffic and also optimise your content. This is a white hat SEO strategy to get more traffic. Outbound links to related pages help Google understand the subject of your page. It shows Google that your page is the center of quality information.

  • Internal Linking

Internal links help to connect your visitor with your site, as you can link one page to other pages of your site. It result in retain the visitor around your site.Use 2-3 internal links in every page and post.

Some Other Tips

  1. Use small and User-Friendly URLs.
  2. Start Title With Keyword.
  3. Add Modifiers To Your Title.
  4. Include your blog post title in the H1 tag.
  5. Use some Multimedia.
  6. Use Subheadings in H2 Tags.
  7. Use Keyword in First 100 Words.

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