Design consistency is one that combines UI elements with discrete and predictable functions, which is a great product experience and an important thing to consider for UX designers.

UI/UX Web Design Principles

To provide users with consistent UI, here are some of the best UI / UX web design principles that are useful for everyday design.

Concentrate on User Experience

Concentrate on User Experience

People do not always remember the information presented, but they remember what they feel.Only use text is not good; pictures, graphics, interactive elements should be added in order to attract the user’s attention.

UI patterns

UI patterns

Of course, UX designers should not “copy” the entire layout of another similar application. They need to filter and modify patterns based on specific user goals.

Simplicity and clarity

It takes less than 0.5 seconds for visitors to decide whether they are interested in a website or not, so be clear with what you want users to do. Users should not think about what you want them to do.

UI and UX Design elements

There are a multitude of design elements that go into the UI of an application, and each has building blocks that create UI patterns.

UI UX Design elements


Be consistent with overall branding including typing, logos, correct image styles, brand color schemes, and more.
Branding is equally important for both small and large businesses. Many business owners view branding as just a logo and therefore believe that their marketing is not a necessary component for success.

Very few people find that many successful brands have effective branding, as branding offers many benefits along with a strong identity, personality and differentiation, which are important factors to help you stand out from the crowd.


For example, in one study conducted by the Medical College of Wisconsin, 75% of the participants reported an purchase cheap viagra check description improvement in your condition, only if you follow the plan the doctor has prescribed for you.
During user research, UIs become familiar with patterns and their components. You should know each component behaves, within and outside the pattern, UX designers properly prioritize all elements on the screen without slipping through the crack.


The elements with the most visual impact, such as typography, should always be “on the brand”. This visual element is particularly important, not only for the hierarchy, but also for the entire UX. Changing the text size, font, and arrangement can improve scalability, ease of readability, and even navigation.

Know the Audience

You should have a good idea that the audience is intended for the website or app before you create it. How to design the interface best will come from them.
Once you have a clear idea of the audience for your website or app, you can find out their needs and desires, and create the right design that will fulfill their wishes. The competition can show you some ideas of how it was done. Pay attention to the colors, layout, style and features of the competition.

Build nice responsive design

Responsive web design is no longer optional; Sites should be responsive these days. Responsive design relevant practice for UX designers. Designing a great user experience for your users means that you have to provide a seamless experience that meets their needs – and those needs can change depending on the device they are using.

Reduce user frustration

Reduce user frustration

The most common cause of user frustration is when it is not clear what to do next. Some tasks are not so self-explanatory, but UI and UX designers are often too close to notice. Fortunately, some instructional lessons – even just one or two lines – can solve the problem.
For the same reason, error messages are also useful. Although users may not like to see them, they still need to know what happened and how to fix it.

Final Thoughts

Users should have an emotional connection to the experience of using your product. If you are just creating an interface and not an experience, then you have the following essential benefits to make your product a success.


The UI needs to be easy to navigate, easy to use, and with the appropriate colors and fonts for your audience. Don’t forget to integrate end-user feedback while remaining in design.
Consistency in the UI is a huge undertaking, and for some parts it is easy to slip through the crack. Finally the goal is, of course, a fully consistent and sync interface, but this is not always possible out of the gate.

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