Responsive web design is a new approach to website design that ensures users have a good viewing experience no matter what type of device they are using.

It is become gradually essential over the last few years as mobile device ownership has blasted and traditional PC sales have slowed.

Google is ranking mobile-friendly sites in its search results algorithm, it is essential to make sure your site is optimized for mobile by using responsive design.

Responsive web design consists of three development principles. Follow these responsiveness principles for better user experiences.

Fluid Grids

A flexible grid-based design is the keystone of responsive design. It uses relative size to fit content in the device’s screen size. This approach is departing from traditional pixel-based design principles and based on percentages.

Responsive design goes away from pixel-based perspective because one pixel on one device can be eight pixels on another device. By arranging text size, widths, and margins on percentages, a fixed size can be turned into a size relative to its required display space.

Media Queries

Media queries , the breakpoints, that can be used to apply different styles based on the capabilities of the device. The website detects the type of device you are using or the size of your web browser and correctly displays the page.

Theses features can be used to control width, height, maximum-width, maximum height, device-height, orientation, aspect ratio etc.

Flexible Images and Media

This feature permits you to adapt images and other media to load differently, depending on the device, either by scaling or using the CSS overflow property.

Scaling in CSS – The media element’s max width can be set at 100 percent, and the web browser will make the image shrink and expand depending on its container.

Here are some of the reasons your website needs to be responsive.

1 Mobile Usage is on the Rise

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Mobile usage is increasing every month, so more and more customers will see your website from mobile devices every month.

If your experience with viewing and chatting with your site is poor, then they will have less options for your brand, and they will also be more likely to visit the competitor’s site.

  • In the US, 25% of internet users only access the internet on mobile device.

2 Social Media Increases Mobile Visitors

Over 55% of social media ingesting now happens on mobile devices, so sharing links from social media sites like, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or Google Plus to your website will mean even more traffic and watching of your website from mobile devices.
So if you have a social marketing strategy and want to take advantage of social sharing of content, then be responsive.

3 Responsive design is preferred for SEO

Having a single URL makes it easier for Google Bot to crawl your site, as well as reduce the chance of on-page SEO errors.

For these reasons, responsive sites generally perform better and are easier to maintain than a separate, mobile-templates site.

4 Pay-Per-Click Benefits

The advantage for you is that the website using responsive design makes it a very easy to manage your PPC. Businesses have more flexibility and control over how they reach consumers, who you have guessed, and using more mobile devices.

5 Saves Your Money

Developing or implementing a complex, well prepared, responsive design can be costly, but once published, you can easily maintain it. It is more economical to maintain a site than many sites.

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