With almost all brands having great websites these days, adding animations to your web design will help you stand out from the highly competitive industry you are in.

Web animations have become a new trend dominating our screens in recent years. They make the user experience more intuitive and exciting. Animations are a powerful tool to use on your website. Whether you want to increase credibility or generate more leads, implementing a smooth animation in your design will really make a big difference.

Website Design Animation turns an ordinary user experience into an unforgettable journey that amazes with its bold colors, movements, thrills and exciting interactions.


The 3D design does not leave anyone indifferent due to its alluring and alluring nature. It has been popular in the past and does not lose its strong position in the top trends this year as well. Connected with the incredible opportunities of designing in a 3D environment, website builders may want to mimic the depth effect in everything from images to typography. Gradual coloring and shading can help make them “reality” inside the image.

Example: https://dribbble.com/shots/14804411-Cube-Experiment

Les Animals

Animation, when implemented appropriately, can enhance a brand’s credibility. Well, if you need inspiration to do it, you can check out these animation websites we have collected. Les Animals is a digital creative studio based in Lyon, France, specializing in creating tailor-made websites and mobile applications. The homepage design looks great with the full-screen layout it implements.

Example : https://2019.lesanimals.digital/en

Noise, Distortion & Glitch Animations

Mostly, we don’t like noise in anything. Anything but web design. The so-called effect of “noise” is a futuristic visual technology that makes websites bold, extraordinary and remarkable. Noise “loves” use in web design but doesn’t overdo it. This web animation is perfectly suited for sites in the eCommerce, media production, and creative industry that do not require an “official” or “traditional” look (such as a government, healthcare, or financial organization).

Example : https://dribbble.com/shots/3947176-Hello-World

Hover animation

Hovering is another animation widely used for a website. CSS website animations, which can be created using JavaScript, provide feedback on users’ actions. Hover animations also improve the overall user experience by simplifying navigation.

Animated Background Videos

Animated videos have become a central component of many well-known websites. They are a medium to communicate the brand’s culture and mission through adventurous animated visuals, strange heroes and interesting environments set in fantasy worlds.

Example : https://dribbble.com/shots/6355293-Travel-Page-Animation


Get a glimpse of these animation websites that will surely help and inspire you to build an impressive web presence. Being part of the list of these animation websites, scrolling and hovering over the web elements displays excellent and captivating animation. Specifically, the protagonist visual displays an animated image with video integration to further the brand.

Example : https://1minus1.com/

Cartoon Illustrations

Cartoon illustrations are performing perfectly in TV advertising, so their migration to web design has become a logical evolution of this design trend. A cartoony website animation is a powerful tool for audience engagement and loyalty in the digital world.

They can look like a cartoon on a website background or can separate UI design decorations included in the overall design.

Attracting attention

By adding momentum to your site, you increase your chances of getting a user’s attention.

Simple animations such as a node or shake on an icon can be used for a website. Attractive animations can be used in many parts of your design, including: Form; CTA; menu; Feedback.

Dynamic Backgrounds

Dynamic background is one of the best animation effects for websites. An animated web page design makes the user journey memorable and helps to build an emotional connection with the user.

Background animations should complement the existing content of your website rather than being the center of the user’s attention.

Example : https://valuecreation.co.in/effects/background-with-particles-effect-on-mouse-move/

Back to the Future:

People love retro because it takes us back to the past and some pleasant yet almost forgotten experiences. The trend of retro web animation is going to rise this year.

Example : https://dribbble.com/shots/6790085-Paralax-retrowave-portfolio-r4ms3s

Beyond Beauty

Beyond Beauty focuses on four women who are known for their appearance and creatively showcase their inner beauty. Notably, the homepage showcases a simple yet vibrant design. It has a full-screen layout that highlights women using their photos via a slider.

Example : https://www.beyond-beauty.co/


Scrolling is an important part of the user experience. Making it attractive is essential, as this will determine whether the viewer continues to scroll through your website. A smooth scrolling provides better customer experience and results in increased engagement.

Example ; https://valuecreation.co.in/effects/background-changing-on-scroll/

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