Defining and designing your homepage is the most important thing you can do in developing the website.

Start With A Plan

Begin with a  formal process and a solid plan. Let’s first tell how success looks for you and your future website What are your goals and objectives? What do you need for your website to make? Common examples of a successful journey include:

  • Brand exposure
  • Subscribers
  • Leads
  • Warm prospects
  • Actual sales

To help you prepare your plans, you have to know the answers to some important questions that help define your target market, how you can help and how they can change. Ask yourself these questions and document your answers, I mean write them down, so that you can come back again and validate your work.

  • Who is your target market?
  • How can you help them solve these issues?
  • Why should they reach out to you or someone else?
  • Can you provide social proof?
  • What content can you offer as additional information?

After answering all the above questions, you’ll be able to provide some strategy to your process.

Make Navigation Easy

Before starting your homepage design, you should set a navigation menu for at least top-level items. Ensure that this navigation clearly shows viewers in the form of main pages such as visitors, products, services and contacts, use common language.

Define Focused Call to Actions

Call to action is one of the first things I want to discuss with a new prospect or customer. By doing this I ask only the person who constitutes successful website visits. I ask what action can visitors take before leaving the website.

These call to actions could include:

  • Signing up for a newsletter
  • Posting a comment on a blog post
  • Liking a Facebook page
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  • Downloading a white paper
  • Viewing a product demo
  • Requesting more information via a contact form
  • Making a purchase

They can really be anything important to remember is to define these beginners in your planning process and when you enter the design then these are the front and center.

Write About Your Company

This step is to write target text which is easily digested by visitors and helps them to confirm that they are in the right place, allowing them to pause, see the homepage and navigate to other areas of the website .

Fight with the desire to write a book here I’d like to talk to people who want to fill Google with this keyword with keywords in the hope of attracting them. It does not work for SEO and should be avoided as it hurts the overall user experience.

Users do not want to read paragraphs and paragraphs of text on home page. They want to confirm that they have detected a possible match for their needs and they want guidance to know more about those things which are important to them.

Create a Wireframe

Wireframe means simple outline of your home page. This can be hand drawn on paper or you can use online software packages designed specifically for PowerPoint or Wireframe. It doesn’t matter unless you have time to get the time to work on your homepage and where you want to place it, it hires you and focuses on your content and your visitor.

Match WordPress Theme with your wireframe

It is important to buy a stock topic that matches your wireframe and your project objectives. Remember to see the previous designs and important features like HTML5, browser compliance, and ongoing support options. You might be surprised how many stocks WordPress topics fail to coding audit or lack of a developer who can provide ongoing support.
A good WordPress theme will be specifically designed for a type of website or blog. What kind of are you

  • Company with basic brochure information and images
  • Blog with only posts
  • Complex online store with multiple products
  • Simple single product store
  • Service-focused website
  • News site
  • Review site
  • Community site

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