One of the things that gets pushed back most often is the optimization of Page Speed. This is easy to understand because most people don’t understand the importance of this often overlooked detail, so they don’t see the value in investing time and money to improve it in a few seconds or less.

Faster sites are important, as faster sites are rewarded with better search engine optimization (SEO) and the ability to drive more visits and conversions.

Objectives of Page Speed

The objectives of Page Speed are as follows:

  • Physical File Size: This should be as small as possible and ideally less than 3MB.
  • Loading time: This should be as fast as possible and ideally less than 3 seconds.
  • Mobile loading: This should be as fast as possible on this 3G data connection and ideally less than 5 seconds.

Here’s a list of tools that will help you assess these issues and help improve the speed of your site’s real world. These tools test your page speed and identify areas for potential improvements.

Page Scoring

This free tool provides webmasters valuable information about the loading speed of their domain and website. This tool will check everything at your download time at the speed of solving your domain.

Google PageSpeed

It is a technical optimization tool. It provides diagnostic information directly from Google by analyzing web page content.

This tool outlines all existing optimization opportunities and indicates the optimization factors in advance. This tool helps to identify the technicalities that you can do to speed up page delivery.


Varvy is a collection of free tools to test a website’s SEO, speed and mobile functionality. Run SEO tools to see if a page follows Google’s guidelines. Test your page speed optimization and watch a web page for mobile SEO issues.


Uptrends’ free website speed test allows users to test the website through 35 global checkpoints.

View your web page and see resolution, TCP connect, HTTPS handshake, send, wait and receive times. Speed test is free.

Load Impact

This mimics the traffic of how the load effect would be in real life. Run massive load tests with 1.2 million concurrent users.


Pingdam is a tool that tests the speed of delivering your website. You need to enter your URL and the location from where you want to test.

Pingdom tool will give you another performance grade along with loading time. You can identify what types of files make up the bulk of your website, along with any slowdowns related to your hosting or DNS.


Get your site load speed up with proactive recommendations to tackle your bottlenecks.
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Schedule schedules and set alerts. Take tests from multiple areas and analyze your performance on mobile. The premium plan offers video playback. The service is free for three URLs.

Google Mobile Test

You can compare other sites in your industry with some suggestions for further improvement.  You can also request a report that gives detailed advice on what decisions you can make to speed things up.

If your site loads quickly on a broadband connection, that’s great. But if mobile users make up the majority of your audience, you need to be optimized for these users.

As we can see, our current site is not as fast as 3G wants, so optimization for these users is an important design goal when designing our new ones.

You can compare with other sites in your industry and get some suggestions for improvement. You can also request a report that gives detailed advice on what you can fix to speed things up.


Nibbler is a free tool for testing websites. Enter the address of any website and Nimbabar will give you a report scoring the website from 1 to 10 in key areas including accessibility, SEO, social media and technology.

Other Important Tips

Tip 1. Optimizing your home page is not enough; You have to check all your important pages to make sure they are performing.

Tip 2. Use’s SEO spider tool to find out which pages on your site are larger and would benefit from a reduction in size.

Here’s a quick outline of how to do it:

  1. Download and install Screaming Frog.
  2. Crawl your site.
  3. Look for the “Internal” tab (default).
  4. See the “Size” column.

Tip 3. You can also view the average loading time in your Google Analytics account in the Behavior > Site Speed section.


Whether you are using a website as a virtual storefront, as a sales funnel, or as a way to connect with customers, optimizing page speed is important. Visitors will be more likely to stick around when load speeds are faster.

Your page will also be more likely to rank on the first page of Google, leading to a huge improvement in organic visitors—an important metric for successful sites.

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