In today’s digital scenario, people know about typography, design and how they look around the world.

  • A font is a type of typeface that has the same characteristics.
  • A typeface is referring to a member of a personal family of that font.

A typeface can really create or break a piece of design work, which reflects its personality in the page.

It should provide correct feelings to the reader and set the tone which will bring words to life, while its purpose is to reflect the industry.

Instead of an image, we use a font as a visual interpretation of words on the page and can be able to read them with those feelings, whose purpose is they are.

Script Fonts

Script fonts are fonts that look like flashing. They can be very fancy with either top cavalry, usually wedding invitations or who are more comfortable and therefore more readable. These font type of elegant fonts are not designed to be used as body copy or used in small spaces.


Inspired by the lettering of the monument plates, in the Andalusia region in Spain, the house can be seen on the walls.

  • Language support: Latin, Latin Extended
  • Styles: 1 weight (Regular)

Alex Brush

Beautiful brush script with great heritage due to its small ascenders and descenders.

  • Language support: Latin, Latin Extended
  • Styles: 1 weight (Regular)


A stylized font with smooth accessibility, is the script format of the Allura Pro family created by Olura Rob Leuschke.

  • Language support: Latin, Latin Extended
  • Styles: 1 weight (Regular)


This font is perfect for connecting class touch or smart looking formal style to any correspondence.

  • Language support: Latin
  • Styles: 1 weight (Regular)


Designed by TypeSETit, this contemporary and attractive font has stylized lettering facility. The script font  contains more than 200 glyphs. This font is award-winning brushed script font.

  • Language support: Latin, Latin Extended
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  • Styles: 1 weight (Regular)

Symphony Script

This type of font script used for logo design, greeting card, business card,  certificate template, etc.

Setta Script

This font is best for branding.


A highly stylized and elegant Califraphic script with ornate caps.

  • Language support: Latin, Latin Extended
  • Styles: 1 weight (Regular)


A beautiful hand lettering calligraphy typeface from the Salmela Genesis Laboratory. This font script can be used for logo, heading, wedding cards etc.

Great Vibes

Great Vibe is a beautiful script font, designed by Typreset. The letter is designed in such a way that they connect completely with each other, it does not matter what order you keep them in.

Grand Hotel

Designed by Brian J. Bonyslavsky and Jim Liles of Estigmatique, Grand Hotel is an attractive and elegant script font.

Shella Script Font

This script font can be a great option for any greeting card, certificate, t-shirt, logo and other design requirements. This font is designed with hand brush effect so that it looks modern and attractive.


If you want your design to look like historical writing styles, then Windsong is the best choice.

Dancing Script OT

It is inspired by the unique typeface typeface, which was used around the 1950s. This is a simple font which comes in the same style and has more than 200 glyphs.


This elegant script comes with the font TypeSETit. Arizonia has more than 250 glyphs and comes in the same style and looks very attractive.

This is a well-built calligraphy design that will look attractive to your design immediately.


Looking for a design that is both simple and gorgeous at the same time? Tangerine is a beautifully designed calligraphy script. This unique font has around 200 glyphs which come in two different genres.

Kingthings Wrote

Kingthings is a very informal script font by Right Kingthings. The font comes in a single style that contains more than 100 glyphs.

Scriptina Pro

This classic and playful script comes from the cheapProfont. With a creative visual appeal, a font script is an advanced form of fonts. The font comes in a single style with more than 500 glyphs.

Euphoria Script

This is an informal script font. This is more playful and casual than other script fonts. It comes in a single style with more than 200 glyphs and gives a very artistic look for your design.


Miama is best for formal and creative design. Designed by Linus Romer, Miyana is a calligraphy script font and comes in the same style. With over 400 glyphs, this font will allow your design to look very artistic and decent.

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