What is the style guide?

A style guide is a definite visual document for a project and you have a description of the set foundation for the entire foundation.

Your style guide should be a “mother of all references” and a live template for your project so that you can get help to continue. You are doing any part of your style in the genre style and if you do not do it, then you can make suggestions or rules to make your work easier, so it is not a completely popular style guide.
The styles guide in websites is essential, they are the only way to integrate all the elements of your website into one place.

What should be in your web design style guide

1. Start with logo

The part of your brand style guide ensures that your logo is used as much as you like, it also blocks mistakes such as dragging, changing, condensing or re-aligning-the wrong message gives you all of your logos Send an accepted version, when using each person, and show a visual example to really clarify.

Size:List of minimum size and appropriate proportion.
Space:If the people need a certain place around it, then give clear instructions.
Color:Show variations (back, color, black and white) and when to use them.

In fact, you should have a clear perception of your brand. This clarity will allow you to choose the right style guides design for those who understand your mission and creative values.

2. Use color with intent

Start setting the primary colors for your style guide, which is invasive on your website, the main colors should not have more than three colors. In some cases, however, you have to specify your user interface to make secondary and all three colors.

Make sure that you define them as white, gray and black for primary brand colors. In addition, the color includes a light color for the background, a dark color for the text, a neutral color and even a pop. In your style guides, show your brand colors samples.

3. Use typography

A big part of the style guide design is a font option. Your brand must decide that the typeface family will satisfy all your needs or if you want to define more than one brand font. A good rule of thumb is to use a unique font from one of your logos, because on the contrary it will help to stand.

Regardless of your typography plan, it is not easy or advanced, make sure that it is explained in all the right ways by giving clear instructions to make it clear and clear.

Introduction:You are telling the story of typeface, although it is related to your brand, and used for each (headlines, body text, captions, etc.).
Alignment: It clarifies whether you want to align right, left, or centered alignment.
Space:Tracking and corning ratio to keep the style consistent when changing the font size.
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4. Images

You have a natural instinct for which photos and images are right for your brand. In your style guide, the imagery section will push everyone in the right direction for you and without approval.

Ideally, you want to use the same color treatment on your site, so you do not have any photos that look dull and cool on one page, while the next page looks bright and warm.

5. Button usage

You have carefully decided what all the buttons are and are carefully defined in their state style guide. Create a page that shows what all the links do (including the buttons), when appropriate behavior of each and use them.

If a button is impressive, then maximum usage of the page per day (usually, often) should be maximized. Define hover, disabled, and visited states.

6. Iconography

Take advantage of using symbols in your website and style guide because they give an immediate idea of ​​what is happening to visitors and what may be next, selecting the right mouse is more than color palettes, copies or graphics When using the mouse, make sure to think about target audience, religion, history, so that you can avoid misunderstandings and misunderstand one more thing Education refers to brand and think about the values ​​that you use handwriting to see large banking website.

Define shapes and spacing to promote sustainability and another great way to use symbols, if the signs should only be used freely, then clarify it.

7. Spacing

With the shape, the spaces help you to establish relationships between different elements on your site and to use your main message correctly, space helps improve the aesthetics and utility of each site.

Being important, it gives more breathing room for the elements, and with continuous use, your work looks structured and professional, it can be used as a grid for a layout; It can be transferred between headlines, buttons, images, forms and other elements.


Designing a style guide should start with a detailed study on the personality of your brand – make sure you have a complete understanding and a clear view of your long-term goals.

Think about the elements that you do not have and how you want to see your website, make a list of its specifications Once you have finished the work, consider recruiting the team. A team will help you pursue your goals when you can not do it alone

With a proper style guide, your design team can start working with a lot of time without explanation or looking for sports plans. Nevertheless, communicate with your team. If all are on the same page, then there is a big chance for the success of the product.

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Great professional to work with

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