With the year 2020, the graphic design trend has reached an important milestone. It is the dawn of a new decade, and graphic design is set to reach new heights as designers begin to define the era.

Design styles that were very unique a few years ago have become another common strategy used by large-scale corporations.

Best Design Trends 2020

Check out the these best Design Trends for 2020 and beyond below!

Muted Color Palettes

The beige color is slightly desolate with black, white or complementary. They are basically the opposite of vivid colors. You can use a dark and light shade of the color, that can also be use ac gradients.

2020 will feature brighter & bolder colors than ever before! As the value of design rises, brands are going crazier and wackier than ever with colors to attempt to stand out from the crowd.
– Ryan Hayward, designer & founder of pitchproof.

Street art styles

Graffiti and street art techniques have a retro appeal to them, combining images from the 70s punk scene, neon 80s and grungy 90s.
But in 2020, this trend is higher than your average return. The return of street art to graphic design is ripe for our special time.

Color Changing Gradients

Color filters have also been used to add some extra texture. Color gradient is being used as one of the standard elements of graphic design.

Paper cut-out collages

Designers are mixing images that are clearly not in the same universe, such as pictures and photographs.

Performing seamless photo manipulation, they are leaving images with angular edges and white outlines that come from quick and dirty cutting and pasting.

Its effect is to strike the line between contrast and harmony, bringing these dissimilar elements with a kind of asynchronous beauty.

Bold, Bigger & Handwritten brush fonts

Heavy fonts are usually a bold or extra bold font – giving them a “heavy” appearance. These types of fonts can give a modern and contemporary feel to your designs.

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Custom hand lettering is already extremely popular, and branded typography will follow by becoming more colorful, impenetrable and eccentric.

Dreamy Illustrations

The visions need to be a little more imaginative, abstract and even really dreamy to stand out in 2020.

Live data visualization

In 2020, complex live data – such as dashboard statistics – will become even more immediately available, and designers will need to display information in a way that dynamically animates for changes.

This concept is not unlike the visualization of music apps such as Windows Media Player that interpret abstract-waves to sound waves.

Flowing Shapes & Lines

This is one of the new trends. it give eye catching look to your design. You can use different shape if even theses are not matching with your context.

Genuine, Subdued, & Neutral Stock Photos

In 2020, much more silent, real and neutral stock photos are expected to be used. This combination of uncomplicated creations and muted colors will make the photographs feel even more real.

Minimalist Landing Pages

With a flat background and modular design, these homepages can also be easily used for mobile or desktop users. Sometimes, when a company uses a large photo, video, or illustration, this change is not as smooth as it should be.

This is another positive aspect of these minimal pages, they are very easy for the user to navigate. Instead of distracting the elements, the message or information is immediately exposed.

Some Other Tips

  • Three-dimensional imagery is an extension of that idea. This is a trend that we have started seeing a lot around the end of the decade, and expect to see a lot more in 2020.
  • Overlapping Layers: Overlapping layers can come as a single element, this trend often involves multiple overlapping elements. The best thing is that it works with almost any type of design scheme.
  • Audio: Voice technology is another trend that is experiencing rapid growth in adoption – its growth was a prediction that was presented by many!
  • Clearly label your content types to help readers create a mental model of your content and better differentiate between organic and promotional content.

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