Prototyping is an essential part of developing web and mobile apps and tools – in fact, you can’t do without it. Just as many artists create drawings before completing a piece, UI and UX designers need prototypes to eliminate costly errors coming down the line.

Prototyping allows you to simulate web designs, explore different user experiences, and test exclusions within your projects. There are many prototype tools available in the market.

Additionally, the main purpose behind a prototype is to validate the design with your target market that will guide you during product development.

Prototyping Tools for UX and UI desigers

Here is the list of prototyping tools for UI and UX designers:

#1 Balsamiq

This prototype helps you quickly design mockups that are great for sketching and wireframing. With excellent usage, a great widget library, and its cloud-based software, it makes team collaboration easier.


  • Create simple and static wireframes.
  • This allows you to create rough sketches of prototypes for customers to see.
  • It is easy to collaborate on your wireframes and get fast response.
  • developing mockups on paper, but also on a digital medium.

#2 Atomic

Atomic is a web-based device that requires Google Chrome. This gives you flexibility and you need to fix your conversation. An efficient application for those who like to do all the design activities through a browser (Google Chrome).


  • It provides easy access to all developers by providing a simple shared prototype system.
  • This helps bring you back to see previous iterations and helps you create new versions.

#3 Figma

Figma is truly a one-tool solution for all your design needs. Thanks to real-time collaboration, web-based functionality, and exceptional value-to-value, FIG is rising through the ranks and gaining traction with design teams.

Figma is rising through the ranks and gaining traction with design teams.

  • Easy switching between design and prototype modes
  • Quick sharing and real-time feedback
  • Powerful editing features

#4 InVision

InVision makes it easy to create interactive prototypes. It allows uploading static screenshots and creating clickable prototypes that your users can interact with and understand. The app runs on the web and simplifies the workflow between teams of designers and other stakeholders.

Collaboration and communication are also strengths of InVision. Freehand allows team members to draw, add notes and provide feedback. And a prototype can be displayed with full interactivity through LiveShare. Invision makes it easier for team members to stay connected and work together during a project.

#5 Adobe XD

The Adobe XD Prototype tool allows you to use the same app to vector, draw, reuse, and remix vector to create wireframes, prototypes, screen layouts, and ready-made assets.


  • Designers are more productive without any hassle by simply importing files from Adobe’s own tools
  • This allows integration with many of its products such as Photoshop and After Effects, which is a big plus.

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#6 Webflow

Webflow takes care of two jobs at once. When you are designing and building a high-fidelity prototype, you are building a live website complete with HTML, CSS and all of the associated JavaScript. You won’t end up with just a fake – you’ll have the real deal.


  • The tool focuses on web animation, interaction and responsive web design
  • Clean, semantic code of webflow that can clean code for several hours.
  • The site comes with templates and web components that can be dragged and dropped into your prototype.

#7 Axure RP 9

In addition to what you need to create visuals, interactivity, and organization, Axure RP 9 also provides a comprehensive documentation tool that keeps notes, tasks, and other important assets organized and accessible to the people who see it. is required.

Axure RP 9 also features an improved handoff to the prototype to be published on its cloud with all the code, specifications, and other assets they will need to build.

#8 Justinmind

JustinMind is an all-in-one prototype tool for web and mobile apps that helps you create wireframes for highly interactive prototyping without any coding.

This prototype lets you design from scratch and grip the full range of web interactions and mobile gestures, allowing you to focus on building exceptional user experiences.

Its simple interface makes it a great starting point for the beginner UX designer, but also adequate for more advanced designers.

#9 Draftium

Draftium is the simplest and fastest tool for an analyst or designer to create a website wireframe. Draftium is a website prototyping tool in which I can focus on my work without getting distracted by too many colors or animations.


  • This allows you to visualize the idea of your website within 15-30 minutes
  • Provides 350+ ready-made blocks and 300+ prototype templates
  • The prototype in Draftium is based on blocks.
  • All edits you make will be displayed online.

#10 Marvel

Marvel is a browser-based prototyping tool, which simplifies the process of prototyping. This allows you to upload your image files and helps you add gestures and changes.


  • Helps you create realistic prototypes without code
  • Embeds fast URL sharing and code for your mockups
  • The Marvel app supports uploading specific image types such as JPG, GIF and PSD directly.

Final Thoughts

These prototype tools have their own special advantages, specifications and different requirements. Obviously, we have not included many other prototyping tools for UI / UX designers.

There are many other tools out there, most of which have the same features described in the above prototype tool.

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