With the arrival of Node.js, javascript comes forward. It is bound to happen because it is already a well-known programming language used by developers in the browser and, with Node.js, a path has been found for server-side implementation, thus increasing the complexity of using two different languages ​​at both ends.

Right now, many performance-driven structures have primary principles and nodes. Developed through the approach of JS. These frameworks have nodes. The functionality of JS has increased greatly and has also created new features.

Best Nodes. JS Framework, which are currently redefining the application development area.


Derby is the Model-View Controller Javascript framework for both client-side and server-side.It is ideal for creating real-time mobile and web applications. Derby racer, node. Real-time data synchronization engine for JS allows multi-site, real-time concurrency and data synchronization in the client and server.


Socket.io a node for the creation of real time web applications. Due to having a JS library, it allows event-driven, two-way communication between the web client and the server works as a server side library for client side libraries and nodes.JS running in Socket.io browsers.


This ia a powerful node for the creation of  API and other software applications. This framework has a strong plugin system and many key features, including input validation, configuration-based functionality, implementation of caching, handling error, logging and more.

Hapi.js is used to design useful applications, such as postmile, tools to create a collaborative list. In addition, it is used to provide technology solutions through many large scale websites such as Disney, Concrete, PayPal, Wal-Mart and more.

Specific Features:

  • Go-to-technology for enterprises & start-ups
  • Performs as a secure & stable solution
  • Provides configuration based functionality
  • Outstanding error handling function


Koa.js  is also considered as the next generation framework for Node.js. Developers also node As an expressive middleware for JS, the generator uses web development. It developed from Express.js, but it came with some extra features to make the app development more enjoyable.

Somec Features

  • Increases the development productivity
  • Eliminates the requirement of callback functions
  • The ES6 generator efficiently synchronize the programs


This framework is counted among the modern settings, which supports the ()model-view-controller development architecture. The best part is that this node. JS Framework creates applications and web inspirations that many client-side frameworks such as Polymers, Angular etc.

Some Features

  • It is fully extensible & asynchronous
  • No additional tool require like CSS and HTML
  • No SQL embedded database


This is a minimal framework for web and mobile applications as well as to create an application programming interface (API). Many popular apps and websites like MySpace, Geekly.st, Clout, Segment.O, and Yammi are powered by Express.Jes. Express.js offers various features, such as template engine, simplified multiple routing, database integration and more.

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This is the most popular node.js Framework, which is used for the development of pure JS or hybrid web design and applications. It’s lightweight and flexible which makes it the first choice for developers. Due to advanced features, it is used for 26000 web and app interfaces.

Some Features

  • Useful and powerful minimalist framework
  • Good for database integration and template engines
  • Provides standard server framework


Mojito is a JavaScript framework that works on Yahoo! based on. Cocktail, a mobile application development platform that was launched by Yahoo! Developer Network Javascript is the only programming language that Yahoo! Since cocktail platform clients and server components are written in both javascript, mozito can run on both client side (browser) and server (node.js).


An open source, model-view controller (MVC) framework for building websites and web / mobile applications framework supports OS X, Windows, and Linux. This allows both client and server to write in javascript. Meteor writes application code in the inbuilt set of pre-written, self-contained modules.

Some Features

  • Can be used with any JavaScript UI
  • Best for rapid prototyping
  • Produces cross-platform codes


Mean.js is the full javascript framework for backend (server) and NoSQL database for Express.js / Node.js, MongoDB as well as a web application that uses Angular.js. It also takes advantage of this grunt tool to enable automatic testing.

Mean.js and Mean.io are considered to be a part of the middle stack. MongoDB, Express. Js, angular.js and node J.P. stands for an example of a popular mobile app that is used for shopping, which is designed using Mean stack.

Some Features

  • Cuts down development time
  • Provides convenient setup and configuration


It has been introduced to build customized real-time apps and web designs for enterprise levels. This is an extraordinary framework that uses the water line to provide a safe level for the database and object-relation mapping objective.

Some Features

  • Compatible with all Grunt models
  • Allows building production ready apps
  • Provides design customization option

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