Your website is the perfect opportunity to showcase your skill set to potential customers. This year we have seen more website designs. Here is the list of best 10 website designs of the year 2021.

Neumorphism in UI :

Neomorphism is a new take on skeuomorphic design. Even though it is related to skeuomorphism, there is a new focus in the overall UI design style.

You can browse thousands of high-quality pneumorphism images on Dribbble. This allows you to get inspired, discover and connect with designers from all over the world. Neomorphism was a growing trend in UI design this year.

Retro fonts :

We have seen many old things cool again, and then become even more uncool in turn.

Comfortable Color

Web designers have been keeping this in mind with color schemes that are easy on the eyes. The designer chose a soft color palette such as the middle ground, for example, healthy greens, pastel blues, warm browns or light pinks.

3D Color:  Gradient color schemes have been trending in web design for a while now, and as the 2021 year trend feels like the next evolution, color changes are becoming more alive than ever.

Parallax scroll animation

The parallax scroll effect has been a trend in website design for years, and continues to be popular in 2021 as well.

Augmented reality (AR) experiences

It is the technique that superimposes a digitally generated image as a composite image. With AR digital image becomes the new reality for the user when using any device. AR connects the real world with the virtual world.

3D Content, 3D Visual

It is captivating, alluring, exciting, and gives an amazing experience to the visitors. Well, thanks to modern web technologies, web designers can fulfill their desire to create a great website that is different from the average webpage.

We’re looking to weave high quality 3D visuals seamlessly into web design. Instead of distracting, they are adding to the overall user experience.

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Dark Mode and Low Light UX Web Design

Dark Mode, Night Shift, and other low-light user interface options are mostly on trend because they provide users with low-contrast sites or apps that are easier to see in low-light environments.

Asymmetrical grids

You’ve created shapes to serve as backgrounds for your content. Then you have to fit your content inside the shape.

Then you have to make sure that those shapes are correctly placed on the different screen sizes.

Asymmetrical grids are much more unique and offer a ton more freedom than symmetrical grids.

Flat design (not quantity but quality)

Flat design is a minimalist UI design style currently used in graphical user interfaces for apps and websites.

The purpose of the style is to create a 2D (or flat) image by not using stylistic elements such as shadows or gradients.


Consistency is an important factor in web design for both visual elements and functionality.

When your design is consistent people are able to transfer their previous knowledge about your website to other pages. Don’t underestimate its importance.


We talked about the web design trends in 2021, which we consider to be the most popular and best for improving your website. Of course, there are many others, but these are our favorites.

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Customer Reviews

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Excellent work, highly recommend her for any website designing. Very easy to communicate and takes notes of all the feedback.


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Good designer, easy to communicate. Worked well with a vague brief.

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Mint Marketing, Vancouver, Canada
Great work thank you.

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The Flexibility Factory, Sydney, Australia
Thank you - Awesome job. Will be using again. Cheers..

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Kiryat Eqron, Israel
Great job, you can see it live at I’m very happy with the great work. I'll hire again if I'll need more work of this kind.

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Great professional to work with

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Blue Pig Web Solutions, Sacramento, United States
Awesome job, did absolutely excellent work. could not be happier with the work that has been done!

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Ateki LLC, Bolingbrook, United States
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Wichita, United States
Great experience!

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