The Google Search Network is a group of search-related websites and apps where your ads can appear when you advertise on the Google Search Network, your ad may show near the search results when someone searches for terms related to your searched keywords.

Google Search Campaigns

Google Search campaigns allow you to display ads in Google Search’s search list, it is a display ad in search results. When driving a Google search campaign, you can choose keywords that trigger your search and display ads.

For example, if you are selling ‘Puma Shoes’, you can decide that you want your ads to be shown only when a person search with keyword  ‘Puma shoes’ is written in Google.

Depending on how well your ad is optimized, and how much you are bidding for your advertising, you can influence how often your ads are shown in search network lists.

Run a Google Search campaign

Before running a Google search campaign, you need to do some basic tasks and develop a plan for your ad group.

Running a Google search campaign can cost a lot of money and if you do not plan ahead, you will run ads that do not generate ROI. – While losing too much money in this process

One factor you should pay attention to are the keywords that you are targeting. While running a search campaign, keywords are the most important factors rather than targeted image or text ad data.

After all, the impact of the keywords you choose may affect the cost of your campaign, but there is also the potential success of your search and display campaign.

How Search Network works

Ads are matched to search results pages based on the words or phrases of a search.Search Network is usually focused on people only, such as clicking on your ad. These campaigns show ads to people who are actively seeking information when someone is deliberately searching for you as a product or service, they are likely to make your ad useful.

A Search Network Only campaign can be a good option for you if you meet one or more of these criteria:

  • When you want to know the  customers who are searching for your specific product or service.
  • When you want to appear your ads in Google search results.

Subtypes of Search Network

With subtypes of “Search Network only” campaigns, you can show keyword-targeted text ads on the Google Search Network.

Search Network only (standard)

Facilities available:

  • Basic location targeting
  • Basic bidding and budget settings
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  • Common ad extensions to include phone numbers, URLs, locations, or social links
  • Language targeting

Features unavailable:

  • Advanced social and experimental settings
  • Ad scheduling and ad delivery method options
  • Advanced location options
  • Mobile app extension
  • Advanced keyword matching
  • IP Exclusion
  • Dynamic tracking url
  • Re-marketing lists for search ads

Search Network only (All features)

All standard settings, ad delivery methods, and all ad extensions.

Special “Search Network only” campaign types

1. Call-only campaigns:

This campaign encourage people to call your business, and only appear on devices that can make phone calls. Clicks for these ads send potential customers to call you from your smartphone.

2. Dynamic Search Ads:

Dynamic Search Ads are the easiest way to properly serve customers searching on Google. Ideal for advertisers with a well-developed website or a large list, Dynamic Search Ads use your website to target your visitors and can help fill in the gaps in your keyword-based campaigns.

Without dynamic search ads, many keywords as well as well-edited AdWords accounts can also recall relevant searches, get delayed writing for new products.

3. Mobile App Promotion:

As an App Advertiser, you want to get your app in the hands of higher paying users. So, how do you join them? The Universal App Campaign simplifies this process for you, making it easy to promote your app in Google’s largest assets, including Search, Google Play, YouTube, and more.


This search network can help to think about search engines. It is possible to choose between Google search and search partners within the search network. Google lists and according to the examples of its search partners. These ads are targeted based on those keywords (searches) that they choose as their search queries. It is possible to run a text ad on the search network.

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