Online shopping has made revolutionary changes in the way we buy everything from food and books to light bulbs and mattresses. Recently, new ways of saving money while shopping is increasing in popularity. Shoppers have traditionally bought through a retailer, filled an online shopping cart and then paid.

Online shopping is popular because: There are bargains. Selection is mind-boggling. Purchase is safe. Shipping is fast. With the right e-teller, returns are also easy. Shopping for consumers has never been easier or more convenient.
Here are some guidelines; Use them and you can confidently shop while checking the items on the shopping list.

#1 Always Buy From Encrypted Websites

Buy from websites that are encrypted and fully secure. Search results can be much for you cheated, especially when you drift past the first few pages of links.

#2 Look For The Lock

Never ever, buy anything online using your credit card  / debit card from a site that doesn’t have SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption installed.You’ll know  very well if the site has SSL  the site will start with https://.

#3 Don’t Tell Personal & Financial Information

When you buy online, be alert to these kinds of information being collected to complete the transaction. Make sure you think it is necessary for the vendor to ask that information.

#4 Check  Account Statements

Always regularly check your electronics statements of  your credit card, debit card, and bank accounts after explain buying something online.

#5 Use Strong Passwords

Always make your passwords strong and also make them some difficult like use  of character,  numbers,  some special symbol etc. And use different passwords for every account. Don’t keep your passwords stored on your computer.

#6 Avoid Public Networks

while you’re connected to an unsafe network, they can also drop malicious files into your system. This assures uninterrupted and safe sessions, assuming you keep your system up to date and your network secure, of course.

(Although if you’re insistent on showing public hotspots who’s in charge,yet could always outfit your handset or tablet with a VPN that encrypts your data.)

#7 Download Shopping Apps

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  • Download apps from the major marketplaces:Google play and iTunes.
  • Read reviews, ratings and developer information to confirm the app authenticity.
  • Scan previously installed and newly downloaded apps for virus and spyware.

#8 And Don’t Forget To Update Your Browser

By keeping the latest browser updates, you’re taking advantage of security features. It’s a simple as keeping up with your app notifications.So always use updated version of your browsers.

#9 Use Always Credit Card for Online Payment

Use safe payment methods. if the your purchase is faulty or doesn’t turn up, you won’t lose out because you can claim the money back from your credit card.

#10 Payment-Confirmation

Once you click the buy button, you’ll receive a payment-confirmation option requesting you print a copy for your details.Save it and keep it to yourself to take you completely because you can not trust the online store records.

#11 Not To Open Retailer Emails On Your Mobile

During the festival season,if you get an email from a retailer don’t open it.The link and messages could contain a virus or it could be a clone site that steals your info. But don’t be fooled by deals or special offers.Make sure you’re shopping on the official site and look at the customer review.

By following the above steps, you should help keep your money and your personal information out of the hands of cyber crook.
So you do not get more than doing the deal. During the purchase of the above steps, Cybercrux should help keep your money and your personal information from hands. So you do not get more than doing the deal.

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