Linkedin is the platform that offers a numbers of opportunities to expand your network, establish your reputation in your industry, and connect with new customers, employers and employees.

Linkedin has actually more relevant than ever. This is not only a professional networking platform, it has now become a place to find valuable content.

If you are not using Linkedin for business, you have lost many opportunities to expand your company’s reach. When you use Linkedin properly, it can increase environmental revenue through content, engagement and real networking

As your business sees the year ahead, consider how you can use the Linkedin content strategy to fill your funnel and bring in more income.

Market Yourself

From content marketing to targeting to LinkedIn pages, for businesses large and small, you’ll get the necessary help with these comprehensive guides. No form-fill or additional steps are required; Just click on the link and you will be taken directly to the item!

You can choose to pay per click or per impression, and you can also choose the options that you can market based on the targeted options. To begin with you have a company page, followed by a business account for billing purposes.

You can then create your campaign and decide which updates you want to promote so that you can immediately start getting more views for your content.

With analytics for publishing, once you publish a post, you have access to a graph that tells you how many logged-in Linkedin users have seen it.

Social Media Marketing

If you spend your days on these networks and want to make sure that you are downing the LinkedIn component, this will be an unavoidable resource.

Video Dominates

Expect LinkedIn to improve your video search tools, and put more emphasis on uploaded video content as a means to share your brand story, build thought leadership, and connect with your audience.

Employees and CEO’s

By 2021, we will see the most impact on two areas: employer branding and the rise of executives who understand and know how to use social media to listen to customers, communicate their vision and rally employees.

Key to this change will be the ability of CEOs and other leaders who use social to communicate directly with employees. And by 2021, the professional adoption CEO of social media will become more rare.

Linkedin will dominate as a platform where CEOs and employees share thought leadership, brand awareness and job opportunities.

Improve Content Marketing

1. Set Goals: set a clearly defined goal that helps to driving sales and revenue.

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2. Know your audience: On Linkedin, marketers have access to a wide variety of professional targeting criteria, whether the content is organized organically or through payment. This enables you to be hyper-specific and fragmented with your campaigns.

3. Research and planning: We can inform our decisions through careful research and planning, but ultimately it is all predictable until we have a quiet number to consult. Fortunately, Linkedin provides a strong suite of analytics to measure every aspect of your program.

Increase your audience

Each content program must adapt to the needs of the business and audience, but there are some common traits among top performers in general.

Create Documentation: Mapping your strategy in such a way that it is centrally accessible to everyone involved is an important step.

Be consistent: If you want to build a strong rapport with your audience, it is important to maintain a regular posting rhythm. On Linkedin, pages posting at least weekly updates receive 2x more engagement.

Integrate multimedia: Text-only posts have their place, but in general, the inclusion of visuals such as video and custom imagery is highly recommended. We feel that videos, in particular, can increase engagement by 5x.

Free Content Suggestions Tool

The topic was added to the Linkedin page to make it faster and easier for organizations to identify topics and articles that were uniquely relevant to a certain audience on Linkedin.

1. Trending topis: This tool suggest to write on the topis that trending in the market. So no need to think much on what topic you should write.

2. Audience Type: You can easily decide which audience you want to share your content. This option is easily available once you set your audience type like: Industry, location,seniority.

3. Relevant content to target audience: After setting your audience type you can easily avail content to target audience, this is very easy with Content Suggestion tool.


Linkedin can offer huge potential, whether you want to use it to establish your brand, show thought leadership, or you want to build a meaningful community that can benefit you or your business.

Be sure to post valuable native content and frequent, and fill your funnel more than your target customers. So, tailor your strategy accordingly as we start growing in 2021, preparing ourselves for an incredible new year!

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