Understanding Multisite Subsite to Single Site Migration

In a WordPress multisite network development environment it has many advantages, however while eventually delivering the website to client you need to migrate it. Moving a single to its own domain is slightly tricky.

I will show you how in easy step sequence how to move a website from WordPress multisite network to its own single install of WordPress.

For newbies first of all let’s try to understand a multisite. It is as a group of websites that all share the same WordPress installation. Each website separates into either subdomains and easily accessed using your chosen multisite domain mapping individual URLs with a few steps. The advantage of multi site network is that you can access all the websites from easy drop-down menu in the admin area to make your management easier. Multisite network gives you more controls save your time and instant access to all your Websites by login in one single time.

Steps to Multisite Subsite?

Make a Backup: Before start working on this you must backup everything to explore every website is different and often time consuming process. You have to protect your data from power failures Ex. Host crash and hack attacks. So make backup of entire multisite.

Export Single Site from the Multisite Network: Built-in import/export functionality is a great thing about WordPress. Utilization of this feature login to WordPress of the website you would like to migrate Now navigate to Tools > Export.

Select the ALL Content and click on the Download Export File. Now WordPress will create XML file includes your data save the file to use.

Install WordPress: After exploring all the files install the WordPress for newly website.

Import Site to New Domain: After installing WordPress log in to WordPress. Here you will import your data. For this Navigate to Tools > Import and select the WordPress option.

Now WordPress will ask you to configure:

Import Users: Unless you want to change authors of your website do nothing and allow WordPress to import to all users.

Import attachments: Check WordPress can import all images from posts and pages.

There is another method

WP Migrate DB pro a premium WordPress plugin which offers host features.

  • Databases for improved workflow
  • Backup your database before replacement
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  • Ensure there is no corrupted data
  • Work on other temporary table which not effect your live site
  • Multiple add-ons such as the Multisite Tools Addon for exporting a multisite

WP Migrate DB pro can migrate websites easily and proved security and of your website data. Lets push migration from a multisite install to single install of WordPress let’s see how that works.

Export Website Files

After purchase and installation active the plugin. Now you are ready to extracting subsite and ready to install single site

Migrate DB Pro in your dashboard. Then you will see screen with migration options. Click on the explore file and all checkbox to save files.

WP Migrate DB pro are always improving functionality of their plugin. Now you will notice a checkbox
Export a subsite as a single site install new feature makes more intuitive.

From dropdown choose multisite to migrate a single site. Now change the New Table Name Pretable to match that table name your single site install will use. You might rename it multisubsite_. Then change the URL in the textbox to reflect the new table name Pretable.

Table will show you the tables that belongs to your selected multisite as well as user meta and user table that all subsites use.

Option to include your multisite subsite media in your migration under configuration labeled Media files. After complete these steps you save the migration by giving different title. Now click on Migrate and save profile. Now the plugin begin exporting your multisite data as a newly created SQL file.

Import the SQL files

WP Migrate DB Pro import the SQL files using MySQL administration tools. These includes phpmyadmin, Sequel pro and the CLI addon comes with WP Migrate DB Pro, studio and Agency plans.Check out WP Migrate Pro migrate video. After importing SQL file to your WordPress install refresh the site. Now your multisite subsite should appear with all data.

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