Viruses and malware are constantly evolving, becoming more advanced and more dangerous by others, making it extremely difficult to protect your data. Unless you are properly protected, you are at risk of falling prey to the latest computer viruses, threats, and malware attacks.

Here are the list of the new malware threats in 2020 that you need to protect yourself from.

Cerber is an aggressive ransomware capable of encrypting files in offline mode and is known to completely rename files and add them with random extensions.

There are currently six versions of Saber, which have been developed specifically to avoid detection by machine learning algorithms. Currently, version 1 is the only version of Saber, for which a decryptor tool is available.

NanoCore is a remote access trojan (RAT) spread through malspam in the form of a malicious Excel XLS spreadsheet. It can accept commands to download and execute files, visit websites, and add registry keys for persistence.

Kovter is a fileless click fraud malware and a downloader that develops detection by hiding it in registry keys. Reporting indicates that Coveter may have backdoor capabilities and uses hooks within certain APIs for persistence.

CoinMiner is a cryptocurrency minor that uses Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) and EternalBlue to spread across a network. CoinMiner uses WMI standard event consumer scripting to execute scripts for persistence. CoinMiner is spread by malspam or dropped by other malware.

Ghost is a RAT that is used to control infected endpoints. Ghosts are dropped by other malware into a device to create a backdoor that allows an attacker to fully control the infected device.

Nemucod is a trojan that downloads additional malware onto an infected system. It spreads primarily through malspam and is known to drop ransomware such as Teslacrypt.

Ursnif and its variant Dreamboat, are banking Trojans known for weaponizing documents. Ursnif recently upgraded its web injection attacks to include TLS callbacks to obfuscate against anti-malware software. this malware collects victim information from your login pages and web forms.

Malware on your phone

When convenient, mobile devices can receive malware and pose a threat to your business. Phones in the office are a threat to your business and you may not even realize it.

Whether used as a POS device, storing and accessing sensory data, or even making calls, mobile devices are being used more frequently in office space. Here are some reasons why:

More convenient: filling information on a tablet is often easier than completing paperwork. It also frees up space for paper work.

Less expensive: a mobile device will cost much less than a POS device. A company can save even more by implementing a BYOD policy.

More mobile: This may sound obvious, but it is much easier to carry around a mobile device than to take a computer everywhere. This gives you instant access to instant information.

When my phone has malware?

Understanding that there is a virus in a phone is an important step for any smartphone owner. There are several signs that may indicate the presence of a virus on the device.

A sudden increase in data usage: Both iOS and Android settings provide a section in the app that allows a smartphone user to get an overview of how much data is being used on their device.

Battery is faster than normal

Another common sign that indicates an infection on a smartphone is a battery that suddenly starts to drain more quickly than normal.

Reduced performance conditions

Some of the more recent smartphones in the market are equipped with powerful processors and enough RAM to easily cope with the latest technologies used in apps and games.

When a smartphone in which this type of technology fits, it suddenly lacks performance, it can also be a sign that the device is infected with a virus.


Apart from detecting that the smartphone is lacking in performance, there is another indication that it is infected with a malware such as HiddenMiner overheating. This is an uncommon issue in most smartphones; Thus, when there is more heat problems, a virus scan can help to check for malware on the phone.

Automatically switches Wi-Fi and mobile data

When it comes to knowing how my phone has been infected with malware, a person should be careful with their mobile data and Wi-Fi switches.

Pop-up add

These adds  will usually appear even if the user leaves an application and stays on their phone’s homepage.

Removing malware from your Android phone

1. Shut down until you find the specifics: Once you are sure that your phone is undergoing a malware attack, hold down the power button and turn the phone off completely.

This cannot prevent malware from causing damage, but it can prevent the problem from getting worse, and prevent malware attempts to access their networks.

2. Switch to safe / emergency mode while working: This will help limit damage to the infected app.

3. Go to Settings and find the app: Go to Settings on your Android device. The settings usually have a gear-shaped icon, but it depends on your themes and arrangement: find it if you have trouble locating the right place.

In Settings, scroll until you see a section called Applications, and enter. See a list of all your current apps – You may need to choose App Manager to locate the complete list. Once you find the infected app at the center of your problem, scroll through it.

4. Remove the infected app and anything suspicious: Just choose uninstall, and your Android device should remove the app. It is also a good idea to review your app list and uninstall other suspicious downloads – if you haven’t seen this list before, you might be surprised at some of the weird things that are on your device.

5.  Malware protection software :  You can download many security applications to help protect your phone, scan for viruses, and get rid of junk files and any potentially infected software.

When you are manually ending the annoying app, download a security program to help take care of any future issues. There are several options in this area: Try software such as 360 Security, Avast Antivirus or AVG Antivirus from the Google Play Store.

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How to Remove Malware from iPhone

1. Power off and restart: Press and hold the power button until the screen turns and the ‘slide to power off’ slider appears. (It should take about four to five seconds.) Then slide the slider so that the phone powers down. The screen will turn black.

(Without the home button on an iPhone like the iPhone 11 Pro, you have to hold the power button and the volume down button at the same time.)

To restart the phone, hold down the power button again. This time should take about 10 seconds. The Apple logo will appear; At this point you can let the power button go.

Wait until the passcode entry screen appears (you need to enter a passcode instead of using Touch ID / Face ID when you unlock a phone after powering up) and then unlock the device.

2 Restore your iPhone with backup: We trust that you regularly backup your iPhone. If so, it would be easy to restore your iPhone with the most recent backup and see if the solution has been removed.

If it fails, you can support other problem malware, including the contents of your iPhone, so restore from the second most recent backup, then the previous one and so on. Hopefully you will get a backup that pre-dates the problem and you will be able to proceed from there.

3 Restore your iPhone as a new device: If none of your backups are malware-free, or only backups that are malware-free are useless for some other reason, you might be better off starting from scratch.

Wipe your iPhone by going to Settings: General> Reset> Erase All Content and Settings, then enter your passcode and confirm the process. Wait for the erasure to complete, and then set the iPhone as a new device.

4 Finally update your phone: When you have secured your phone, update your iOS and application to the latest versions to ensure that you do not leave any vulnerabilities open.

Phone monitoring

Cell phone monitoring software is readily available these days and it is important that they are put to good use to ensure the safety of your children / spouse / near and dear / employees.

Some of the best tools below work as smartphone monitor apps and help you spy on calls, messages, social media activities, browser history, real-time locations, and more.

It monitors text messages, calls, WhatsApp, location etc. all the time without consuming too much battery. The mSpy app is popular locally and is known to cater to the consumer’s safety, security and remote tracking facilities.

Spyzie : It is another cell phone monitoring software for remotely spying on other call logs, text messages, GPS location, media files, social apps and browser history. This is required to jailbreak or root your phone.

Flexispy: Phone Monitoring App is cross-platform phone spy tool that provides solutions to easily track and monitor smartphone activities (digital and audio). It is easy to install and use.

It enables GPS location tracking and comes a free mobile wear app to monitor other cell phones sitting away from it. The software boasts of the expertise of spying instant messaging apps.

PhoneSheriff: PhoneSheriff is a phone monitor app specifically designed to monitor text messages. It also helps to keep an eye on the location and monitor the day to day smartphone activities.

It works as a parental control app to block calls, set custom restrictions and send alerts to parents whenever their children leave / enter a particular location. It is a reliable software to protect your child from harmful content on the web and elsewhere.

MobiStealth is a monitor app to track your children / spouse / employees. The software is also available for PCs and as an app for real-time location tracking.

This does not require jailbreaking the iPhone or rooting Android. It has highly advanced monitoring features to track and gather information about other cell phones. It works 24/7 even when the target device is away from you.

Mobile Spy Agent: Mobile Spy Agent is an amazing cell phone monitoring software for tracking children’s activities and activities. Android and iPhone are easy to install and support.

It helps in monitoring browser, tracking incoming / outgoing calls, see which apps are installed and all that and more in full stealth mode guarantees that the owner of the target device will tamper with the spy app can not do.

Spyera : Cell phone monitoring software Spyera is used by most parents to spy on their children. It has options for intercepting calls and snoops on children using spy cameras.

It also has spy software for PC (Windows / Mac) and tablets. It enables listening to live calls, listening to and spying on multimedia files. This allows live call recording and capturing of Keeling.

Norton Family Premier : This smartphone monitor app helps your family safely locate the web. It provides excellent filtering tools and sends informative reports about the whereabouts and activities of the child.

It also helps your children balance the time between reading and web browsing. This makes the web a safe place for your children.

Highster Mobile : Highster Mobile is a cell phone monitor app for tracking text messages and other activities on Android / iPhone. It allows users to read and review messages, call logs etc.

This application is extremely easy to use and you don’t need the target device with you. It secretly monitors cell phones remotely and virtually. It remains undefined and allows easy and quick spying on the target device.

Detect tracking software

The app that tells you which programs are currently running keeps showing a suspicious program running in the background.
You have a problem turning off your phone, or it keeps on burning after you operate it.
Your cell-phone interface will change automatically or the brightness and color combination will not work properly.
Your phone slows down while surfing the internet or other applications
You see different system files in the phone’s file manager that cannot be manually removed.
The performance of the phone degrades rapidly or even gets jammed often.
Your phone indicates that free space is available, yet you are not able to access it.

How to remove phone monitoring

View unfamiliar programs installed: See all your applications and installations for anything unfamiliar. Quite strangely named programs and services can run that are completely generic.
But if you see a program or app that you have not installed, then you should do your research as to what it is because it can be the center of your troubles.

Delete Programs: If you are able to locate an unfamiliar program or if you are able to locate the exact program that you believe threatens your privacy, simply delete that program. You should delete any backup copy of that program. Once the tracking program is removed, all is well.

Install software / firmware updates when available: Keep your phone up to date. This includes both software updates and firmware updates. While it is not necessary to help you remove the tracking app if it is already installed, it will close potential vulnerabilities with each security update.

Factory reset: If you are having trouble locating the exact program that includes tracking software, you may be left with only one option – factory reset. Although this method is the best way to eliminate unwanted programs or applications, a couple are cavities.

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