Link bait is a term that is used when a title of a link or a piece of content gets a lot of attention. Having a link bait strategy can be very beneficial and will always be effective for attracting more traffic.

Link Bait Strategy

In the modern scenario of content creation getting people interested in what your content is about is not less than a skill. Here are a few different factors you should be aware of when trying to come up with a link bait strategy.

Research Your Target Audience

One demographic might like the link, while other demographics might not. You should be trying to focus on a target audience and then making the link for them. Once you figure out which target audience would be most beneficial to you, you can then start reaching them and figure out how to make them react and click the links.

There are plenty of different ways you can do market research, you just need to find the most effective way for your business. After you have completed all of your findings, providing great content and coming up with links will be much easier.

Be Unique

If you are trying to make a link go viral within social media, then you have to make it stand out and be unique. Since plenty of people are trying new strategies, what used to work a year ago is no longer considered unique. You have to keep up with what links are popular and what hasn’t been working. For example, a few years ago, “top 5” lists were a great ways to create link bait content. Now though, it has been used so many times that people are used to it. You have to come up with fresh, catchy, and effective titles to have an effective link bait strategy.

Brainstorm New Ideas

You should always be trying to come up with new link bait ideas. A lot of people only try and think of good titles for links when they are sitting down and make the content, but really our best ideas can come at any moment. You should always be ready to write down an idea you might have throughout your day. If you have a smart phone, you can easily get an application that will be able to voice record you or you can just type in quick notes.

Link Bait Strategy

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Stay Updated and Sharpen Your Niche

To create good link bait, you will need to be updated on everything that is happening within your niche. If something new happens, you should have a link that goes to something related. The newer the information, the better it will be. Using the same old content to try and find new people just won’t work, keep your focus on your niche and don’t get distracted.

Apply Corrective Actions

Since you are trying to put out unique links that are supposed to attract lots of viewers, you shouldn’t get discouraged once you run into a few of your links that are not doing so well. It is part of the process. Not everything you put out will bring you gold, so your best bet is to just analyze what went wrong and then implement what you learned into future links. After you start to see a trend in which ones work, then you can start to focus around those types of links for the near future to see more and more traffic. Just remember not to get caught up with a certain type because you might be missing out on some other great links that could go viral.

Keep Your Experiments On

Overall, there are plenty of ways to enhance your link bait strategy, but these are just some things you should keep in mind when you are trying to get those clicks. If you are still new to creating link bait, then it is understandable if you haven’t been so successful yet, you should just make sure to keep trying with your experiments and you will eventually learn all of the tricks. There is a big learning curve, so don’t get turned off of it. The important part is that you are trying and you are learning about what works and what doesn’t.

About the Author: Ness is a freelance writer with a passion for blogging and social media. She also writes for MakeAWebsite – a web hosting review site.

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