Some years ago we could hear such phrase as – “Come to see me”. It meant “to visit somebody’s place in order to see and to spend time together”. In other words, it was any joint action.

Unfortunately, further this phrase got another meaning – “to visit a social media profile or an online-diary page”. The invitation meaning is almost the same. But here we can see the time’s economy, because you are able to communicate with someone without leaving your home and at any time.

How are you playing with Social Media

On the social networks you can find everything like in real life. It is worth to point out some main features of the online-life and social media, These are –


You can find any person there. On the one hand it is good, because it is the main task of such sites. However, on the other hand, many people close their pages or make fake profiles through fear that their personal information can be used against them.

You can be in touch with your friends. If you have relatives or friends living abroad, the social networks’ profiles are the best variant for communication and photo interchange. However, there is a danger that online-life will oust the offline one.


On social networks people have an opportunity to express themselves, to search for like-minded people and to take an active part in political life of the country. Sometimes, with the help of blogs and networks people can get not the truthful information.

The surge of public interest in social media was so much powerful that many people can’t imagine their lives without their virtual twin. In order to maintain the interest in sites the social networks’ owners invent new entertainments.

Very often, even sociable people choose only one social network in order to communicate with compatriots, one international network if they have any friends or relatives abroad and make a profile in a large network of blogs or online-diaries.

Although, all Social Media work by a single concept they have different options and functions, which help to divide the audience and to compete. There are few people who are interested in more than three social networks.

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What is your reason to be active on Social Media?

If we hold an opinion poll among the people who have profiles in the social networks and ask them about their reasons of registration, many of them will answer that they have had the aim to find ex-classmates, ex-group-mates, relatives and friends.

To make users stay online as long as possible they are offered to satisfy one of the main social needs – to show yourself or to spy on the others. People who are inclined to the exhibitionism start swamping their albums with hundreds of photos, change statuses several times a day, correspond with friends in visible to anyone micro blogs.

Voyeurs enjoy reviewing videos and photos of their friends, enemies and unacquainted people. They find enjoyment in knowing everything about their neighbors and ex-friends.

Note of Caution

Though the idea and purpose of the existence of all social networks was to connect you to friends, but lately the purpose shifted gradually to bring profit to the owners of these online portals. Now you can promote your products there and even registrations to profiles are paid sometimes, and a lot of people pay real money for the virtual presents and surprises in online-games. It is good up-till it is win-win for you.

Be careful while you play!

About the author: Paul Smith is an active person with positive attitude to life. He works as a writer on best essay writing services, and is fond of his work. 

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