Email marketing means sending email that gives you the freedom to reach your audience at any time. When you go out of email, you sit in front of your computer and manually send the hits. Automation software does this for you. Email marketing is becoming more and more custom tailored to everyone.

Email Marketing Scope in 2021

Artificial Intelligence

The fundamental principle behind email is Right message to the right person at the right time. Artificial Intelligent is capable of dealing with this task, with minimal effort applied. Inventory segmentation, content analysis, and effective outreach: all the tasks that AI can already do better than humans.

There is also evidence that the capabilities of AI are expanding (soon, it will be able to carry out most of the human tasks), meaning that it can be used to effectively optimize your email marketing campaigns. One can find a time to use intelligence.

Customer Experience (CX) startpoint

The CX brand imprint benefits customers throughout their customer journey. A great CX promotes how customers see your brand, throughout the customer journey.

CX marketing can be defined as placing your customer first during their customer journey. Email, being a push channel, often begins the customer’s journey with you.


The use of artificial intelligence makes it easy to assure personalization by acquiring more data about your customers. Regular customers are becoming more and more aware of the amount of information they collect about themselves.

Naturally, they hope that it will be used to better accommodate their needs; They only agree to give their personal information in exchange for better-personalized offers. Consider dynamic content, behavior-based personalization.

Their emails reflect shared values to encourage stream engagement and it will pay dividends in conversions. Every communication should become more personal and relevant.

Marketing Automation

Email marketing campaigns include many different emails, all controlled by one marketer. It is up to the marketer to decide when and why a specific email is sent to the mailing list customers.

Email marketing strategy that uses a sequence of trigger-based emails instead of one-time shots, called marketing automation.

Customer Experience Boosters

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It is your job to process their purchases and services to customers. And first-time buyers and e-commerce enthusiasts alike, need additional service. Inject the Customer Experience Booster into your email:

  1. Frequently Asked Questions about buying your products online
  2. Suggest to navigate your website
  3. direct link to open a support chat

Video in email

The success of the video in email has left the wishlist of those watching email trends forever. Now with online conferencing, online events and (video) podcasts are on the rise, video in general is becoming popular. We are very much visible in that email.

Interactive Emails

This trend is already on for some time, but is only going to strengthen in 2021. Interactive responsive emails are the sacred grave of email marketing. They promote customer engagement and significantly increase email interactions.

Dark mode compatibility

Everyday, more people use dark mode to view email, so optimize your email design to be read dark mode. Use transparent pictures, underline black text in white and test your dark mode email.

Email Redesigning

Email design is one of the most fluid and dynamic parts of email marketing. It is creative and highly subjective, which means that it is influenced by many external factors.

Transactional Emails

These are password reset emails, digital receipts when the customer buys a product, purchase confirmation, shipping notice and delivery confirmation.

Final Thoughts

Email marketing has been done forever, and for good reason. This way you can connect with your leads, nurture them and convert them into customers, consistently winning over all marketing channels.

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