Email marketing is popular for a reason, especially when the whole goal of marketing is to create a huge impact, with the least amount of marketing dollars spent. Here we’ll take a look at a simple email marketing checklist.

Email Marketing Checklist

Email Length

While your emails may look short on your desktop, they may appear too long if someone is opening it on their mobile device. Consider this when deciding on the right length of your email for your specific audience!

So try to keep the length of the email short, including only relevant information. This is also one of the email marketing checklist.

Sender Name

Does it look like your email was sent by a human and not a robot? In other words, are you using your sender’s name – your company name (robot), or someone in your company (human)?

Choose the right Audience

To begin, make sure that you are using segments based on all available demographic, behavioral, and psychological data. You can use this data to personalize your email campaigns.

Broken Links

One of the biggest nightmares of marketers, after clicking ‘send’ is realizing that there is a broken link in the main call-to-action of your email.

So we emphasize how important it is to ensure that your links are working. Click on the links – actually click on them. everyone. Does the (right) page load? Do you get a 404 error? Un-break any link you have discovered.

Perfect Content

The key to effective email copy is to keep it short and simple. Avoid long sentences and complex vocabulary. Make your text easier to read by dividing it with headings, paragraphs, and lists.

Forgotten Links

A second one close to the dreaded broken link has been forgotten. The most common (and regretted) example of a forgotten link is when you are using an image to serve as a call-to-action (CTA) button.

Double check to make sure that everything that should be connected is actually connected. This includes anchor text, CTA, social media follow / sharing icons, and images.

Broken Social Media Sharing Buttons

Always make sure to try the sharing button sending your test as an additional purity check.
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Design Practice

You can attract your audience by designing email with an appealing design. The design should look good on small screen also like mobile devices.

Color Issues

Is the font color you are using clear and easy to read? Is it difficult to do background color blocks for you to read the layered text at the top? Also keep in mind that, while blocks of color can add a beautiful design element to your email.

Distorted Images

What do your images look like? Are they pulled or sliced? Pixelated? Very large? Do they want to associate alt text with them when they don’t render?

Check to make sure your images are displaying the way you want, and if not, adjust accordingly.

Call To Action (CTA)

Your call-to-action can be many things from simple membership opportunities to a value-added approach. Analyze your audience and choose your call-to-action based on what your audience finds valuable.

Spelling/Grammatical Errors

Spelling and grammar matter in marketing. Send your test email to the biggest grammar geek who is on your team to alert you to any slip-ups, and always be sure to spell check!

If you are not heard back on time at night, do not email an important announcement to go out at night or on weekends.

Accessibility Across Devices, Browsers, and Email Clients

The best way to understand how different browsers, email clients and devices (mobile or desktop) interpret your email view themselves!

To save yourself from the hassle of testing every single email sent to each option, test a few options once on the most popular devices, browsers, and email clients, and then use the winning version that you sent. Create a template for each email to use.


With this email checklist, your business can prevent typos, broken links, and more from reaching your list of customers. By having the right email marketing checklist, you can maximize your email marketing performance.

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