As a social media marketer your top priority is to help businesses reach more customers and to improve brand presence on all social platforms daily. You need to develop the voice of brand to build a community and promote your products/services.

One challenge that comes in the way of social media strategies is having a perfect content strategy. You definitely need a strategy to develop long-term connections for your needs on social media and that involves content that is expected to engage followers. So, how do you develop a content that will drive your audience?

Here are some simple yet important ways to follow to create a content that lasts for always;

Social Media Goals

Your overall business goals determine your reasons for using social media. Understand the goals of your company’s content delivery on social media to develop the right strategy. You can focus on more than one goal, but be clear with each. Every goal should reflect the reality of your business to achieve a vision.

Some of the useful goals that a business can have include:
• Create a following
• Increase brand awareness
• Improving engagement
• Generate interaction and revenue

When you craft your social media content it should speak to such kind of goals.
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Target Audience

The second step comes to creating your target audience and tailoring content for them. When you know who is going to connect with your content, your brand will be able to figure out the right market. Develop deeper into the lives of your target customers to get a comprehensive idea of them. Promote your product or services, share thoughts of great leaders and industry experts that is helpful to your target audience. Without this, your social media content will fall on deaf ears.

Content Topics

Another key issue lies in selecting a topic for your business. You really need to plan your content if you have to keep your target audience focus on you all the time. Your guiding light should be relevant, specific, and unique. Follow the right approach to increase your brand awareness and do not run after the unrealistic goal of becoming the next big sensation. Focus your efforts on creating content that will engage your target audience. You can take help of content tools to come up with some super awesome topics for your social media marketing.

Trust & Consistency

Your social media strategy will not flourish until you build trust. And trust can be built when you are consistent with your audience. Therefore, your social media marketing efforts must be consistent. You need to have a type of high-quality content and have a regular posting schedule. Build a kind of two-way conversation with your audience, make them comment and also respond directly to them. Invite them to share your posts and update them on your recent posts and tweets,and shorten the conversion journey.

Social Keywords

Keyword research is a good tactic for customer acquisition and effective keyword research is an important skill. Using keywords for SEO and SEM is going to help really hone your content. Smart content marketers are always careful of what keywords they pick to find out topics they should write about. It gives them a good foundation for catching the eye of social followers.You can do a search on Twitter, Facebook or use tools like Hootsuite for this to see which context your core terms usually appear.

So, this was a sensibly detailed guide to building a social media content strategy. As social media marketers, this will hopefully have given you sufficient knowledge to focus on the content you share and to grow the number of followers. Prioritize social media branding, be more strategic with your efforts and you how you get better results.

Author Bio: Vartika Kashyap runs marketing team at ProofHub. She is a seasoned marketing professional and expert in entrepreneurship & digital marketing. She’s been featured among inkedIn’s Top Voices for year 2016 & is also a contributor for Your Story, The Next Web & Huffington Post.

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