A great way to boost productivity is to optimize your desk space. Clutter, poor ergonomics, and other factors can be disruptive to your day such as the guy in the adjacent cubicle who kills his gum. Make sure your little corner for trading is ready for trading with ten tips to help.

Ideas to Boost Productivity

When you avoid doing your work, it is difficult to stay focused when there are too many disruptions. Whether it is water cooler gossip, frequent meetings, or the coworker who always brings snacks to the office, you need all the help to stay at work.

Use good posture

Do not push forward and strain your neck. Instead keep your head and shoulders straight.

Minimize Office Supplies

Over time, it is easy to accumulate a drawer filled with pens, branded grayway items (“swag”), calendars, paper clips, rubber bands, etc., just pair them down for items you use regularly, And put the rest back in the office. Cabinet Supply.

Avoid eye strain

For your eye protection, keep your monitor at least an arm’s length away and confirm that your work space has adequate lighting. People who wear glasses should be careful that you do not tip too much up or down as this can also cause neck strain.

Use a Standing Desk

More and more evidence is showing that it is not only on your desk that can increase productivity, but also the actual desk. More and more health care professionals and companies are opting for standing desks to help them make the most of a workday.

Organized workflow

As mentioned above, reducing clutter on your desk is a proven strategy to increase productivity. But it can also be taken too far. You do not want to be so rigid about having a clear desktop that the supplies you need on a regular basis are always out of reach.

  • Consider investing in coral paper, pens, and other office supplies in a desktop organizer that you need to access on a daily or near-daily basis.
  • Remove all items that you do not need to use throughout the day. This helps cut down on clutter, which can increase focus. Consider removing these items in the storage drawer so that they are accessible but out of sight.

Arrange Thoughtfully

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Where you place things on your desk can be as important as what you have on your desk. For example, keep your computer monitor at eye level and at a comfortable angle. Place the phone in front of your dominant hand so that you can take notes easily.

Leave enough free space for the 8.5 “x 11” notepad or paper so that you can use your dominant hand to write notes on it.

Keep a plant(s) nearby

While it is usually a good idea to keep your desktop clutter-free, you may want to make an exception for some greenery. Research suggests that the mere presence of living plants can increase your performance in many ways.

Sit in the 90-90-90 position

Your elbows, hips and knees should be bent at a 90-degree angle, with your feet flat on the floor under your chair.

 Ensure proper placement.

When you constantly bend your head to one side it can cause an imbalance in the neck. For proper placement, make sure that your monitor is directly in front of you and your keyboard directly in front of your monitor. This prevents you from crunching your head and neck. Your monitoring should not exceed eye level.

Be phone friendly.

Consider using a phone cradle or headset to avoid putting too much pressure on your neck. If you prefer not to use either, keep your telephone within your non-dominant side and within reach. This will allow your dominant hand to write easily if necessary.

Keep a Water Bottle Within Reach

Make room for a water bottle or at your desk. No, we have not said Soda Pop Can. Researchers at the University of East London School of Psychology found that drinking water enhances mental performance, helps hydrated workers to concentrate and perform better in mental tests.

Dehydration is also a common cause of fatigue during the workday, so keeping a water bottle on your desk will keep you alert and fast throughout the day.

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