It can be easy to see that you should focus your optimization efforts within your content strategy. Sometimes it is best to get back to basics while developing a strong SEO strategy to ease your approach to content marketing.

Below is the list of blogging mistakes and how can you avoid these blogging mistakes.

Mistake 1: Not doing keyword research

The truth is that without optimizing your content for relevant keywords, there is almost no chance of your pages ranking high in search engine. So keyword research should be done before you used in your post.

The first thing is to identify the keywords that you are already ranking. These can be extracted easily from Google Search Console. These keywords are relevant because they already bring traffic to you.

Mistake 2: Ineffective Copy

It is important to remember that, in most cases, the blog is about building awareness of the content requirement. Blogging helps in building your brand and establishes you as a thought leader in your industry. Do not sacrifice the benefits of this type of content with ineffective copy.

Mistake 3: Not Optimizing for Local Search

It is important to know more about local search. Most search engines, including Google, handle keywords slightly differently than those that are more global. Start by including region-specific keywords in your page title and meta description.

Mistake 4: Not optimizing content for your keywords

Make sure your keywords are present in the title, description, H1 tag, as well as all types of texts.  You can use target keywords and more similar keyword phrases.

Mistake 5: Unoptimized Videos & Images

Many bloggers still miss this part of SEO optimization, and it has a negative impact on load time. You should always optimize the text of the image, including the keyword (s) of the page. Images on the site must be formatted as .jpg, and all vector images must be formatted as .png.

For videos, host all your videos in one place, and create a video sitemap so that they can be viewed by search engines.

Mistake 6: Not Having Unique Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

Every page should have a unique title and not just for SEO purposes. Don’t forget to add meta descriptions. They are a 160 character for your page within search results.

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Therefore, make each one as unique and inspiring as possible. Your homepage and every page of your site should include a custom meta description from which people want to click on your list in search results, as well as include relevant keywords.

Mistake 7: Not building links

Add links in your post. Try to view your content from the side and decide whether it is linkable or not.

Guest Blogging: This allows you to earn backlinks, gain new audiences for your own blog, and of course, website traffic.

Commenting: Commenting on a blog is yet another powerful link building tactic, which can help you build authority, improve your blog’s visibility, and run other links. The only thing you need to do is start relevant blogs with comments and start commenting.

Email list: If you offer a product or service, you probably have an email list through which you inform your customers on certain promotions or special offers.

Mistake 8: Not Using Anchor Text

Sure, using a call to action as your link can increase clicks, but it also gives you the opportunity to tailor your anchor text, one of the most important components of SEO.

Mistake 9: Not watching out for duplicate content issues

If you are syndicating content, it is important to agree on some guidelines with your publishers. The best practice is to ask the publisher to use the canonical tag on the syndicated article.

Mistake 10: Not tracking page speed

The best tool for tracking the speed of your page is the Pagespeed Insights tool. All you need to do is paste the URL of your website, and it will be evaluated based on two criteria, which are optimization and speed.

Final Thoughts

Your SEO strategy should work with your content strategy and play a key role in being successful in it. Hopefully, the steps above will give you a chance to refine and improve your overall content strategy. Avoid these issues, and you will be well on your way to higher rankings.

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