Cybersecurity requires a holistic organizational approach. Cybersecurity refers to the body of technologies, processes, and practices designed to protect networks, devices, programs, and data from attack, damage, or unauthorized access. Cybersecurity can also be called information technology security.

Cyber attack attacks may be targeted at specific organizations or individuals, or they may be transmitted naturally and affect many organizations regionally and globally. Targeted attacks often outwit their intended victim to become more common problems for all organizations.

Mistake 1: Underestimating Cybersecurity Threats

As businesses become more dependent on the Internet, trolls and hackers use increasingly sophisticated tools to target them.

  • Computer viruses can do incalculable damage by modifying or deleting files and folders required for your operation by rapid replication on your system.
  • Computer worms spread through your network, infecting every computer on your computer almost immediately as they modify and delete important data.
  • Spyware secretly spies on you and your employees, and transmits sensitive information of your company to cyber criminals for blackmail or industrial espionage.
  • Keyloggers are a sneaky spyware that logs your keystrokes and helps them commit financial fraud by sending them to hackers.

Mistake 2: Ignoring The Insider Threat

By focusing only on the perimeter, companies ignore the very real threat. The most common cyber security mistakes include internal user disregard.

Mistake 3: Assuming you’re not a target

Companies in almost every industry, from Wall Street to Main Street, whether large or small, are vulnerable to attacks. Often, however, the news that makes the headlines is about the theft of credit card data or personally identifiable information.

As a result, companies that do not handle this type of data often believe that they are not desirable targets for cyber opponents.

In fact, the opposition are conducting massive campaigns in every sector of the economy to allow them to enter the network and boycott information and assets.

Organizations certainly know the value; They are in business, and customers are buying what they have. Each organization must recognize that fact and work to detect and prevent potential harm from a potentially devastating cyber attack.

Mistake 4: Relying Exclusively on Your Default Security System

Whether your company uses PCs, Macs, your default security system is not strong enough to protect your business. For example, Windows security has been criticized for its weak malware detection rate compared to other major antivirus solutions and has shown poor performance in hands-on phishing security tests.

Mistake 5: Failing To Enact A Data-Centric Security Strategy

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Big data is a problem for a reason. With so much data coming in – and a lot of it holding value for business – companies simply cannot manage it. More data means more opportunities to steal that data.

Mistake 6: Not Being Proactive

Being proactive is important when managing your company’s cybersecurity. Think of it as insurance that protects your business from the worst case scenario.

Protecting Yourself From The Most Common Cybersecurity Mistakes

Working with experts is critical to protecting your business. In all likelihood, threat actors are investigating your infrastructure right now, looking for gaps and opportunities.

1 Poor Password Management

Weak passwords are among the major causes of most cybercrime, including brute force attacks. Always try to use strong power passwords including number-specific symbols and long passwords.

2 The notion of being free from online attacks

Internet networks such as public Wi-Fi are often not secure and are increasing the number of middle (or MITM) attacks used to secret confidential data (such as credit card details and login credentials).

3 Bad Email Practices

Even after repeated warnings against responding to unsolicited email messages, email users continue to fall prey to fake emails about investment opportunities, job offers and tax savings.

4 Prevent Bluetooth Weaknesses Attacks

  • Enabling the “Find My Device” service on your phone through a trusted entity like Apple or Google so that you have a way to use their technologies to find and remotely lock your phone if you lose it .
  • Avoiding the use of Bluetooth to communicate sensitive information such as passwords.
  • When you are adding a new peripheral with your phone or laptop, do not leave your Bluetooth in “discoverable” mode.
  • Turning off Bluetooth when you’re not using it.


The increasing number and complexity of cyber attacks worldwide is certainly a catalyst to raise awareness about cyber security practices and investment in the latest security tools.

However, most cybersecurity mistakes can still be understood by underestimating the best of IT security systems and infrastructure.

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