Understanding SEO practices is important to maximizing your traffic and brand awareness.

Right now, thousands of people are looking for your kind of content. You can help them find it by using best SEO practices. Here are some SEO tips that will help you to generate more traffic.

Key phrase Essentials

All SEO investigators begin with targeted keywords. Taking into account recent searches and analysis, the keywords can easily be determined by some free google products like keyword planner.

Your keyphrase should accurately represent the topic and should be a top keyword for your industry. It should be comparatively popular and should have keyword difficulty that you can compete and rank for.

Use the primary keyword in the headline. Reconsider your headline and try to make sure that you have used the primary keyword in the title text.

You can choose three or four secondary keywords that are related to the primary target keyword for the post.

Best Title Ideas

You need to pen down your initial idea which can be the title of your blog post. Even before writing you need to start outlining your ideal reader. Knowing your purpose is the top goal for your digital marketing content. It might be boosting SEO, building brand awareness, capturing email subscribers etc.).

Use a good amount of subheadings, it retains the reader’s attention.

Use the primary keyword in at least one subheading. The most essential point on your writing checklist should include insertion of the keyword in the subheading.

Search Intent

Search intent There is a purpose behind every search query. Understanding and satisfying search intent is Google’s ultimate priority. Pages that rank first on Google have passed Google’s litmus test for search intent.

Readability Check

You need to show it, simply telling won’t solve the prime purpose. You need to use examples that may assist your audience deeply absorb and comprehend the message  to share. Avoid using the passive voice.

Image Optimization

You should include supporting graphics to your blog content. These include adding of images, videos, embedded social posts, etc, You should add the primary keyword to the image alt tag to improve your blog SEO.

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Avoid image copyright infringement. You need to make sure that you have all the essential rights to publish these digital photos and videos to avoid any sort of copyright infringement.

Strong Meta Descriptions

The meta description tag defines the block of text that shows up after the content title in the SERPS.

However It is pertinent to include the primary keyword in the first paragraph of the copy and also near the end of the copy with references to the target phrase to send signals to web spiders or search crawlers.

User Friendly Design

The design is often left out of internal discussions to improve a company’s search engine rankings, focusing instead on improving meta tags and relying on creating high-quality content, but it doesn’t really have to be needed.

SEO Practices

Fast loading speed

No one wants to go to a page that takes forever to load. Therefore page speed is the ranking factor for desktop and mobile. You can get an idea of your page’s performance by using Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool. Simply plug in a URL, and you’ll see a score between 0-100, followed by advice for improvement.

Optimized Images

Images play an important role in improving the user experience of visitors to your site. As a result, you need to optimize images for speed to improve the overall performance of your site.

The first step involved in optimizing images is choosing the best file format, so let’s look at JPEG vs. PNG. vs webp.

The most commonly used image formats on the web are JPEG and PNG. These two formats use different compression techniques, which is why the file size can vary dramatically between these two.


SEO practices continues to play an important role in how your content is ranked, however, it is constantly evolving and becoming more complex.

To keep up with current trends you will need to do much more than fill your content with keywords; You need to deliberate and create quality content that ranks well in Google’s algorithms.

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