Team collaboration tools software is growing. From communication to project management, technology provides an abundance of options. More online collaboration tools climb each year, while existing ones are constantly improving their features and functionality.

Both online collaboration tools and software empower office and remote teams to coordinate projects in an easy and effective way.

Here is a list of the best team collaboration tools that can support your team’s needs:

Microsoft 365

Microsoft Office may not be the first platform you think of when you arrive, but now it runs at the heart of Microsoft 365’s cloud-based office suite.

What makes Office 365 more attractive is that it can be used as a cloud-hosted platform not only with Windows, but also Mac, Android and iOS.


Nifty is a cloud-based project management solution designed to help product and marketing teams manage feedback, collaboration, milestone tracking, work assignments and more.

Key features include Agile Methodology, Gantt Chart, Idea Management, Optimization Template, File Sharing, Caban Dashboard, Priority, Project Planning / Scheduling and Status Tracking. is a project management tool that allows organizations to manage tasks, projects and teamwork.

It is a simple yet intuitive working operating system for teams to shape workflows, align with changing needs, create transparency, engage in collaboration, and avoid manual work.


Nextiva Cospace provides facilities for remote teams. They are changing the way their teams interact with each other, some for the first time. We are providing a solution to help these companies navigate this change. It is called Kospi. This increases the productivity of companies with remote teams.

Otter for Teams is an enterprise-ready AI-driven product, including real-time shareable transcription and group functionality: Custom Glossary – Add appropriate names, product names, or industry specific commands. Calendar integration. Collaborative comment and comment.
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Amrit Amrit is the premier management platform for voice, video and real-time collaboration operations and support teams. Nectar 10 provides multi-vendor monitoring, diagnostic and reporting capabilities specifically designed to support cloud, on-premises and hybrid cooperation environments.


Flowdock is a group and private chat platform. Its most interesting feature is its team inbox which collects information from other channels such as Twitter, Asan and customer support tools.


ProofHub is just the right project management and online collaboration tool that you need on your side. You can easily break up a project into tasks and smaller sub-functions and assign them directly to your team members.


GanttPRO is an advanced project collaboration tool based on the Gantt chart. This gives teams plenty of possibilities to collaborate on their projects. Another major feature is resource management that allows efficient realization of overloaded / underloaded resources. The learning curve is very short, so you and your team can easily try it out.

Toggl Plan

A toggle plan is a team calendar that lets you know who is doing what and when. Pay attention to what your team is doing or zoom in for your progress. This allows you to stay on top of things and overcome all possible obstacles so that you can solve them faster.


Chanty helps teams improve productivity and business communication. Chanty is an easy-to-use team chat app that enables your team to communicate and collaborate faster and more efficiently.

Chanty brings together all aspects of communication: chat, audio and video calls, and screen sharing. It also helps you consolidate all the information needed in an easy-to-use application.


Therefore, there are online collaboration tools for any task in the business environment. Also, your team does not have to span a wide geographic area to use these tools. Internal teams can execute projects better, optimize resources, and achieve a higher level of transparency and unmatched collaboration with the use of these tools.

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