World of accounting is often looked at as a dull industry of professionals crunching numbers at their desk. In today’s new age of technology, the top accounting firms use social media to keep their customers entertained and to attract business.

Whether you are a finance employee, run a small firm or are apart of the C-suite of one of the top banks, a social media strategy can open the doors to new opportunities and propel your business in a new direction.

Social Media Studies in Accounting

SocialCPAs surveyed 395 accountants discovered that 8.5% use video to connect with their audience. This means YouTube and other video platforms are not being used at its fullest potential.

Almost half of the respondents admitted to manual social posts. At the same time, 29.1% depend on Hootsuite and other scheduling platforms to get the job done right.

To manage your workload while working on social media, accountants need to take advantage of online tools like Buffer and invoice templates to cater to their clients effectively online.

It appears that there is a lack of understanding of the importance of social media. Many professionals are unfamiliar with auto scheduling platforms to help save precious time in manual updates during their day.

Why social media is important in the accounting industry?

If you need to convince the C-suite at your firm to actively use social media, you need to think like an executive. Executives are concerned with the bottom line. We recommend that you explain in detail how social media will achieve financial results.

  • If your team lacks the expertise, hire the best SEO agency to improve your online branding to reach new audiences in finance on a global scale.
  • Social media can be used when your members or clients have complaints by reviewing their feedback.

What You Need to Know Before Using Social Media

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It is easy to open a Twitter, Facebook or market your brand on Instagram but what to do next is even more important. When you set up a meeting to discuss strategies with your team, here is a list of questions to bring to the round table:

  • Who is your audience? Know your demographics by sending out surveys to existing customers. It will help you get an idea of the groups of consumers to connect with online.
  • What is your overall message?
  • What are your ROI goals? What will we do to achieve it?
  • How many social posts per day?

Your social media plan should be treated as a blue print. It is like a client with all the right documents at tax time. This information will help you perform your job and produce maximum results.

Share Real-Life Stories Through Blogs And Content Marketing

Think about trending news stories and matters to your customers. Whether you tell stories of your employees, successful news with clients or blogs in the news, you need to deliver content that will help solve your customers accounting problems.

It can be as simple as offering tips during tax time, sharing a new change in tax filing or additional items people can add on their taxes. Social media should be used to connect on a personal level with new audiences.

Be the first to reap financial benefits by figuring out by understanding the importance of what social media can do for your company. Design a blue print and take action. The more creative you are, the more people will notice you and want to connect.

Author Bio: Makeda Waterman is an online media journalist with a passion for helping people succeed in life. Outside of writing for The Huffington Post, she is a writing contributor for, and She also runs an online marketing writing business.

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