Email marketing, if it was one of your new year resolutions, what would you have liked to cross check from the list? Most marketers and business people make one huge mistake when planning an email marketing campaign: their goals are unattainable. Rather than risk harming your reputation, it’s best to take things one step at the time. The following are 5 things that are a big NO when doing email marketing.

#1 Using signup forms for all the wrong purposes

Some people wrongfully believe their worst mistakes happen when crafting an email marketing campaign. Truth be told, one of the worst things that you can do is use signup forms for different purposes than they were initially intended. Some marketers place sign-up forms that don’t work, or are wrongfully positioned on their websites.

Your signup form has to be visible and attractive. Pop-ups are still recommended because they feature high conversion rates; but you shouldn’t cram your site with too many pop-ups that completely cover the homepage. Add a well-crafted sign-up form to your company’s Facebook page, and never underestimate its great power. Be careful with popups on mobile! Google changes its algorithms on a bi-weekly basis, meaning that knowing white-hat SEO techniques is vital.

#2 Giving away discounts that is too good to be true

Content marketing continues to triumph, but this doesn’t mean you should make your email marketing strategy about sales. Giving away too much can do more harm than good to your business. In the competitive world of email marketing, discounts prevail. It is important to grab the attention of your audience with promos that entices them. Don’t promise them an 80% discount, only to give them 40% if they subscribe to your email list. Be honest about what you’re trying to say.

#3 One-size-fits-all campaigns don’t work

Segmentation is the future of email marketing. The advantages of sending relevant emails rather than mass emails are indisputable. Segment your audience by age, gender, behavior, geographical location, or any other relevant criteria that you can find. Then make the most of your targeted email list. Address each group differently, and find a way to cater to their precise needs. One-size-fits-all campaigns will never work, and it’s a huge No-No in online marketing.

#4 Confusing or boring subject lines

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A subject line is imperative in email marketing. The right subject lines drive your targeted audience to click on your email. Spend some time crafting a heading that appeals to their needs and wants, and steer clear or subject lines that are confusing. You can always test different subject lines to see which perform the best. Avoid exclamation points, emoticons, and evident spam trigger words like “make money”, “click here now”, etc.

#5 Frequent emails are a big No-No

Email marketing is a powerful tool that must be approached correctly. Sending too many emails to prospects and existing customers is just as bad as sending one or two every month. Keep an eye on click rates, and always checks your list of unsubscribes. It will help you settle on the right frequency.

Some people welcome your newsletters or discounts more frequently than others. Listen very carefully to the demands of your audience, and use monitoring tools to see which groups responds positively, and which group responds negatively. It will give you an idea of what types of emails people want to actually read. A best practice is to use follow-up emails. Give your subscribers the option to make a choice of their own, and decide how often they want to hear from you.

Bottom line

We can’t ignore email marketing because it is a strategy that still renders results when advertising online. But you should always abide by the best practices to succeed. If you don’t know much about email, a direct mail marketing company can help you out. It’s best to consult with a professional than risk damaging the reputation of your company and burning valuable leads.

Author Bio: Christopher Austin is a regular contributor at many sites and mainly focuses on business & marketing related topics.

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